If You’re Not Now Social, The Joke’s On You, Or So I’ve Been Told

Big Fuel–a “pureplay social media agency designed for the needs of large brands”–is hiring. I like the tongue-in-cheek nature of their employment ad, but I’m confused as to why the straight video (see below) also seems like a joke.

Want To Be Found Online? Concentrate On Content

Michael Bissell, President of Conquent in Portland, likes to disagree with his clients. When it comes to things like having a presence on Facebook or an iPhone App, Bissell says, “Don’t just do things because you’re ‘supposed to’ — do them because you have a reason to do them.” Bissell’s clients also want their site […]

It’s Primarily Content That Creates The Connections

In a new piece on AdAge, Friend of AdPulp (FoA) and BeanCast host, Bob Knorpp challenges the content-centric world view that’s so prevalent in marketing circles today. We create endless blog posts and tweets and videos to fulfill our perceived need for content and call it our social-media strategy. Trouble is it’s not really a […]

Advertising Rock Stars, A.K.A. Copywriters

The Idea Writers by Creativity editor Teressa Iezzi is a celebration of the copywriter’s role advertising and popular culture. In her chapter “Digital Is Not A Channel” Iezzi discusses how the post-digital copywriter is a creator of ideas, a master of craft, a conversationalist and more. Describing how much more complex the job is today […]

Hoarders Will Love This

AdKeeper Ad - Hellman_s_ Hellmann_s

AdKeeper is a startup media company that truly believes in the power of advertising. The new company is busy installing little “keeper” buttons on digital ads, so web surfers can keep them for later. You know, because display ads are so well loved today — millions of consumers simply bypass Madison Avenue altogether with software […]

Ask AdPulp: Who Do You Think You Are, The Times?

Q. “You want readers to contribute to the AdPulp Journalism Fund but what makes you think that AdPulp has real marketplace value?” -Upayme A. Thanks “Upayme” for the reminder about the importance of being highly differentiated, and to make sure everyone knows exactly what our points of difference are. The blogosphere is a big place, […]

This Post Is Not Brought To You By Bing, But It Could Be

product placement on blogs - Bing

Creativity editor, Teressa Iezzi, finishes her book, The Idea Writers, with commentary from Lee Clow and Jeff Goodby. Goodby’s the writer of the two, but Clow is Clow. On the topic of brand planning, for instance, Clow shows how he’s Clow: We have got to reinvent the intellect of our business. The intellect of our […]

Losing Signal In All The Noise

Social media, like kudzu, is an invasive species. Daniel Newman is the CEO of United Visual Inc., writing on Ragan’s PR Daily, has conveniently listed “12 obvious signs you’re addicted to social media.” He says the signs are “farcical,” but I beg to differ. 6. You update your status while out with “real people.” Are […]

The Secret’s Starting To Get Out

Have you heard of Duke’s Mayo? I hadn’t, but then a sample arrived in the mail earlier this week. I haven’t spread it on anything yet, but it did interest me in the brand and its commercials (see how easy it is to get my attention?). The new campaign is part of an effort by […]