Mano A Mano En El Baño

You knew Old Spice’s use of Fabio was a set up of some sort. Right? Right. Tune in to the internets tomorrow at high noon, Eastern Standard Time, to see which Old Spice man prevails.

Information Is Overly Abundant; Hence, The Value Of Curation is a new curation platform that I signed up for this morning. Now I just need to pick a specific topic or two and start curating in yet another venue, but one that will integrate with my blogs and social channels. Martin Bryant of TheNextWeb says: Curation is a busy area right now. Startups […]

There’s A Huge Difference Between On Camera And Behind The Camera

AMC, which already has a major hit on its hands with Mad Men, is now pitching a new reality show that will pit real ad agencies against one another in a real life pitches. But agencies are not biting, according to Ad Age. Doug Spong, president of Carmichael Lynch, said that they weighed the idea […]

Let’s See Newt Gingrich Get Women To Strip For Him The Way Vladimir Putin Can

It’s a new twist in Presidential ads. Using a little T&A might just help Vladimir Putin win re-election in Russia: So what’s the story? Wired has the details: In the video, a young lady named Diana sings Vlad’s praises, saying “I’m crazy about a person who changed the life of our country. He’s a capable […]

A Big Movie Theater That Runs On Apple Juice

What will commercial flight look and feel like in the near future? GE and The Barbarian Group asked some kids with big imaginations, and the result is a new episode of the Webby-nominated GE Show called “Future Flight.” Previously on AdPulp: Industrial Choreography and Dare To Dazzle Your Audience With Content

It’s A Dog’s RAV4

When you have a dog, it’s important to also have a vehicle that perfectly accommodates man’s best friend. A vehicle like the Toyota RAV4. Agency: Burrell Communications

My Digital Toolbox

David and I often chat about digital workflows we have in place that allows us to get our work done. In my day job, I help run Corporate 3 Design, a nine person brand/print/web shop (we work with agencies as well, so if you need a vendor, give us a shout). We tend to operate […]

36 Hours with Mac OS X Lion

By request, this is a cross post from my personal blog. Source is linked at the end of the post. Help, my MacBook has been iOSified. 36 hours since installing Lion, here are my quick thoughts. 1. Installed without incident on my MacBookPro, my wife’s MacBook and our MacMini. I grabbed the installer image to […]

Roger McNamee On HTML5 And The Future of The Web

Elevation Partners Director and Co-Founder Roger McNamee recently gave a talk at The Paley Center For Media. I haven’t had time to listen all the way through, but BusinessInsider was kind enough to recap many of his key points. For example: Microsoft’s share of internet-connected devices has gone from 95% to under 50% in 3 […]

An Online Tribe Willing To Subscribe


Are you paying to read a digital version of The New York Times? According to The Wall Street Journal, the Times new pay wall is no hurdle for over a quarter million readers. On Thursday, Times Co. said it had about 224,000 paid subscribers to its recently launched digital products as of the end of […]