Have The Good Sense To Have Heart, Soul And Guts

Fact: you don’t win big at Cannes unless you first sell the work to a fat cat client. Like P&G. According to Adweek, Dan Wieden knows how to sell, and how to get his clients to bend their own rules for the sake of the work. At the concept stage, the Old Spice campaign wasn’t […]

Are You Feeling Naked Before Your Bank?

I don’t know why, but physical comedy is almost always funny. Take this new spot for Affinity Plus Credit Union from Risdall Marketing Group and Director Matt Pittroff. While losing your shirt to a bank that’s “too big to fail” is far from funny, losing your pants and underpants is another matter.

One Word After The Other

Author and copywriter Ty Hutchinson, is featuring a guest post on his blog by mystery writer Chris Knopf, who is also a copywriter and CEO Mintz & Hoke. Asked if being a copywriter is an advantage to the fiction writer, Knopf replies: The greatest challenge every writer faces is the blank page. Something has to […]

Can Creativity Be Codified?

On the heels the annual migration of hyper-privileged advertising execs to Cannes, let’s consider the value of a firm’s “creativity” to their new business process. Business development specialist, Blair Enns, asks, “Can Anyone Own the *More Creative* Market Position?” While creative quality gets a firm on the consideration list, unlike more meaningful differentiators (deep expertise) […]

A Moveable Logo Meant To Move You

Science Channel has a new shape-shifting logo that goes by the name of “Morph.” After creating the blog-like thing in-house, the network turned to Imaginary Forces for help to bring Morph to life. According to Fast Company, Imaginary Forces is touting the work as “the future of logo design.” Ronnie Koff, a director and art […]

Cannes 2011 Is In The Can

Wieden + Kennedy and Droga5 cleaned up at Cannes. Fast Company has the low down. In other news, a highly selective cadre of ad people are waking up with hangovers, and making their way back to London, Sydney, New York and so on. George Parker, writing from Boise, has been there and done that. The […]

That’s Pro.

This is a good commercial. Cabot Stains uses a simple misdirection to set up the payoff. It’s a commercial that’s been made a thousand times before, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Standards are standards for a reason. The line “finish like a pro with Cabot wood stains” is well made. Especially when you finish […]

“Opt In” Is The Common Sense Answer, But That’s Not Good Enough For Ad Industry Lobbyists

How powerful is the drug lobby? In a 6-3 decision in Sorrell v. IMS Health, Inc., No. 10-779, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Vermont law that restricted the use of prescriber histories for purposes of marketing or promoting pharmaceutical products to physicians. “We are very pleased that the Supreme Court has made clear […]