Sub-Premium Beer Brand Makes Quality Advertainment

This “Keith Stone” dude from Saatchi & Saatchi/NY is pretty smooth on skates. Take a look: The spot was directed by Baker Smith and Butter Music & Sound worked on the music. Apparently, fans of the spot have asked the agency about the opening song, assuming it’s a real, long-lost gem from decades past. It […]

Morons Don’t Shop

BFG9000, not to be confused with BFG Communications (where I used to work), is a new agency named for Gerry Graf’s dad, Barton F. Graf, and the BFG9000 gun from the video game Doom. Graf recently left Saatchi & Saatchi to form the new agency. Here’s a look at some of the first work from […]

Nueva Serie Bilingüe de Guión Original

Telemundo’s bicultural, bilingual cable network, mun2, announced the largest partnership integration in its history, to support of its new, action-packed scripted series, RPM MIAMI. The integrated sponsor, Valvoline, will be providing online viewers and car enthusiasts access to exclusive secret scenes that will not air on television, episode recaps featuring the hottest models, behind the […]

The Stuff You Want, At A Price You Want, In A Format You Want

Personalization, direct to consumer selling and push marketing are combining to deliver a powerful new online marketplace. According to The New York Times, a new breed of e-commerce sites — Send the Trend, ShoeDazzle, JustFabulous, Sole Society and JewelMint — present subscribers with a limited but customized selection of jewelry, shoes and accessories each month […]

Snapshot of AdPulp’s Twitter Feed As News Of Bin Laden’s Death Poured In Last Night


Twitter was alive last night, as the American public processed the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death on the group stream of consciousness utility of choice. I have to say, I was put off by many of the cheerleaders for Team USA (not shown above), and consequently thankful for Derek Powazek and others who helped […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Craig Allen Is SouthBy North West

Craig Allen of Wieden+Kennedy/Portland will be honored as an “Outstanding Young Texas Ex” by the The University of Texas Alumni Association. The award, inaugurated in 1980, annually recognizes four alumni under the age of 40 who are distinguished in their fields and have demonstrated a continuing interest in The University of Texas at Austin. Allen […]

It’s A Video World, And I Am A Video Girl

According to the 2011 Web Influencers Survey by D S Simon, the shift from textual or static communications to video communications by media websites is well underway. In addition to paid advertising, publishers are looking toward brand integration opportunities to raise additional revenues. The study also found that nearly half (47 percent) of media websites […]

Virtual Means Unreal; Therefore, It’s The Wrong Word For A Networked Company


The editorial staff of Inc. Magazine didn’t show up at their Manhattan office for one month, but still managed to produce an issue. No they were not protesting working conditions–they were experimenting with virtual work dynamics. Here’s what Inc. learned: Crunch the Numbers; Get the Tech; Settle In; Master Your Emoticons (And Everything Else About […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Vol. 5

Here’s a pair of popular maxims on technology. I like both because they’re downright folksy enough (if too factually accurate) for a Tea Party stump speech, yet still highly relevant to advertising today: 1. “You don’t see many horse-and-buggy drivers anymore.” 2. “Television didn’t kill radio.” Both are true, but as metaphors for disruptive innovation, […]