Like Mommy Bloggers, But Better


According to Adweek, digital creative director Alessandra Lariu and Amanda Jaskiewicz, a client-services veteran, are forming a new creative platform where ad women will collaborate on client briefs targeting other women. The yet-to-be-named site, slated for a June 30 launch, will operate under the umbrella of Lariu’s mentoring group, SheSays. Clients will pay a fee […]

I’m Tradigital

Agencies are ramping up on digitally-enabled talent. Again. Frankly, I see articles on this topic all the time. And the central point is always the same–if you have both a traditional and digital background, you’re golden. Yet, that’s precisely my background and I am not in high demand. I have had one headhunter call in […]

Surprise And Delight

May is National Bike Month

Colle+McVoy is one of my favorite agencies. Their work is consistently excellent and they understand the art of public relations like no one else. I feel particularly well qualified to make that last statement, given that I’m assaulted by blunt PR objects all day long, Monday through Friday. Jen Stack, Director of Corporate Communications at […]

The Fake Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Wear Socks

Every year, tens of millions of socks mysteriously disappear. The phenomenon creates social, economic and personal psychological problems that create an untold burden on society. That’s where the Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society (L.O.S.S.), an advocacy group funded by GE Center for Advanced Laundry Studies, comes in. Let’s hear from the experts… Just in case […]

Starburst Is Solid, Yet Juicy

LatinWorks in Austin, TX, has crafted some strangely charming spots for Starburst. I like the ads because they’re based on a product attribute. Fundamentals, for the win.

Turning Procurement-Speak Inside Out

“An RFP is a statement of distrust.” -Ken Robbins Ken Robbins, CEO of Response Mine Interactive in Atlanta, doesn’t participate in Requests for Proposals (RFPs). He says they’re a waste of time for his agency and the client. “Any client can review its agency without a formal selection process. They just have to pick up […]

7 Tips for Navigating All the Marketing Advice on the Web

Are you drowning in a sea of advice? Having trouble resisting those enticing Twitter posts that promise you immediate gratification in the pursuit of knowledge? I feel your pain. And I have some advice: Beware of any point of view that’s simply too definitive to allow for a contrarian view. Sorry, the world simply isn’t […]

Shoot A Duck, Pop A Cork

Hope Family Wines from Paso Robles, California produces some fine wines under their Liberty School and Treana labels. The kind of wine you might showcase in an ad with artisan cheese and crackers. But when it comes to Austin Hope’s under twenty-dollar Candor Wine brand, he’s not getting caught up in any wine industry clichés. […]

In Cali’, Home Head Is The New Hat Head

Red Tettemer + Partners’ new campaign for the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS focuses on injecting positivity, optimism and humor into the home buying and selling process. In other words, it’s about all the things that buying and selling a house in today’s market is not. There’s also a microsite to visit, where one can learn […]

Come On Sparah, Tweet That Shit

Celebrity, like underwear, is manufactured. If you doubt the veracity of my statement, please view the following… That’s right, one part Spencer Falls and another part Sarah Carroll equals the soon-to-be-fabulous Sparah, the new celebrity couple manufactured entirely by Virgin Mobile. The spot is from Mother New York and it’s directed by Biscuit Filmworks’ Aaron […]