Please Help Shape Our Editorial Product

One of the nice things about having zero financial support from readers is we don’t need to attend to “outside” needs. But is that any way to run a ‘zine or website, as the case may be? Of course, not. Answering readers’ needs is a huge part of what operating a micro media business is […]

Coors It Is Not

Breckenridge Brewery — 45th in size among the 1,800 U.S. craft breweries — is enhancing its grassroots and print efforts with four, 15-second “Truth in Beervertising” spots from Denver’s Cultivator Advertising & Design. According to Maketing Daily, the commercials are airing only on Fox 31 Colorado but they are realizing reach far beyond that because […]

Back On The BeanCast


Thanks to Bob Knorpp’s gracious invitation, I joined Mike Monello of Campfire, David Vogeleer of Education First and Darrell Whitelaw of MIR on The BeanCast Sunday night. We discussed Facebook’s smear campaign against Google, how to determine who is influential in social circles, luxury brands and social connections, the introduction of the Cannes Effectiveness Lion, […]

Brand Strategies For “The Validation Era”

Steve Rubel, EVP of Global Strategy and Insights for Edelman, spoke at Mashable Connect in Orlando last week. One of the things he said is we are now entering a new era in Internet time. Rubel calls this new stage, the Validation era. Prior to the Validation era, the Internet experienced two other distinct eras, […]

The AdPulp Interview: David Wilkie


Dave Wilkie is a copywriter, and like all many copywriters he has a novel in his drawer, and another one on the way. Wilkie is also a retired ad blogger, having shelved Where’s My Jetpack last February. Wilkie’s novel, Random Scratch, is set in and around one of America’s most prominent and media-savvy megachurches, the […]

Poor PR Practices Again Caught In The Web

Facebook wants to “own” the social graph, and Google is the most likely contender to prevent that kind of outright ownership. This struggle for social supremacy led Facebook to hire Burson-Marsteller to smear Google as it attempts to socialize its product offerings. According to The Daily Beast, the flare up is over a new Google […]

Paying Attention To Paid


I’m happy to see that Kansas City based marketing consultant and entrepreneur John Jantsch believes in paid content. As an industry, content producers need to find ways to recapture the value in their content, discover the proper way to package it, build multiple streams of residual income with membership communities and we’ll all be better […]

Meet The Characters Who Star In The Tennis Drama

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has introduced a visually arresting campaign for Women’s Tennis Association. The new spots claim, “strong is beautiful.” Here’s the evidence for that claim: “Whether for a film star or a musician or an athlete, it all comes back to wanting to have an emotional connection to those performers we’re inspired by,” […]

Goodsters Help Brands Do Well

GOOD Corps

Good/Corps is the marketing services arm of, the Los Angeles-based Web site and magazine for an audience it describes as “people who want to live well and do good.” According to The New York Times, Good/Corps is simply the new moniker for the agency arm for the media company, which has been developing cause-related […]

Need Cash For Your Project Or Startup? Ask The Crowd

Need some cash for your project? Crowd-funding might be the answer. According to The Wall Street Journal, the sites—which facilitate “crowd-funding”—have taken off in the past few years. Crowd-funding emerged about a decade ago as a way for artists, filmmakers and musicians to raise donations from a community of online supporters. The idea has since […]