Hey, Shouting Into The Camera And Sexual Innuendo May Work For You Too

I Wear Your Shirt is a not new, but still interesting, idea. Companies “buy a day” from I Wear Your Shirt, which triggers the I Wear Your Shirt team to don the featured company’s t-shirt and then make videos about the company while modeling the company’s shirt. Today, of course, is National Beer Day and […]

Chipotle Believes In The Gold Standard

For the last five weeks, Chipotle Mexican Grill has wrapped its signature burritos in gold foil to call attention to the premium quality ingredients it uses to make all of its food. Now, the company is calling on customers to wrap random items in gold or silver foil. It’s not just a crafts project, it’s […]

Republican Chair of the House Budget Committee Proposes “The Path To Prosperity”

According to Fox News, Washington is buzzing about Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s take-no-prisoners approach to budget cuts — manifested in his budget proposal that would slash federal spending by $6.2 trillion over 10 years and overhaul health programs for the elderly and poor. But it’s not just the 7th-term Congressman’s penchant for number crunching that’s […]

Digital Means Dollars. But What Else Does It Mean?

You may have heard that ad agencies can’t find talented and experienced digital craftsmen fast enough. Be that as it may, agencies are finding willing members of the digerati and signing them up in record numbers. According to the Star Tribune, Minneapolis ad agencies “are hopping on the social media train with lots of hires […]

Get Medieval And/Or Play The Lottery

Washington’s Lottery is jousting for disposable incomes throughout the Evergreen State, care of this new spot from Seattle-based Cole & Weber United. The campaign – Play Together, Win Together – aims to position the lottery as a social experience that brings people together and encourages friends to play the Lottery together. Why I thought buying […]

At The Preakness, The Infield Is A Place To Party

I think there’s a horse race involved somewhere, but that’s not what draws people to the infield at the Preakness. In the new spot by Elevation and Skylab-B, the Preakness Infieldfest party 2011 promises to be epic, courtesy of Kegasus: You can find out more at TheInfieldFest.com. You can also follow Kegasus on Twitter.

Happy Birthday, David Burn!


Give a shout-out to our fearless editor on this, the anniversary of his emergence into the world. Happy birthday, big man.

I Can See Dreaming About A Po’ boy, But The McRib?

Have you seen Christopher Nolan’s film, Inception? It’s okay if you haven’t, because McDonald’s is offering the condensed version. Here take a look at the dream within a dream within a dream commercial. Arnold Worldwide made the spot, and it’s understandable why the agency is dreaming McRibish dreams. Arnold hasn’t worked with McDonald’s for 16 […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Volume 2


Advertising simply cannot wait to tell you about itself. This I’ve quickly come to realize. It’s a business of prolific boosters and publishers that collectively generate so much unsolicited, inward looking content, you start to infer their paid client work is a little slow. Or that the whole industry is on speed. People with ad […]