Get In Front of Agency Pros With Purse Strings, Here And Now


The numbers are in and interactive advertising continues to soar. According to Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) 2010 Internet advertising revenues totaled a record $26 billion, up 15% from 2009. The most popular ad format in 2010 was search which represented 46% of revenue and saw 12% growth from last year. Sponsorships saw the most growth […]

It’s Hard To Marinate In Your Client’s Business As A Side Item

I really like what Marc Brownstein has to say in Ad Age about learning your client’s business. He relates a story about a CMO friend of his: He believes agencies have to go farther and deeper in helping him grow his business. For example, he would like the agency teams to roll up their sleeves […]

Mediaweek and Brandweek Are No More


Mediaweek and Brandweek are no more. According to FishbowlNY, Brandweek and Mediaweek published their final print versions today, and will be folded into Adweek starting next week. Here’s the header running atop the two websites at this moment: In the upcoming weeks, (and will become part of the new, much expanded You’ll […]

McDonald’s Begins To Redefine “McJob” In Massive Hiring Effort


McDonald’s is planning to hire 50,000 American workers in one day this month. “Our restaurant employees are the foundation of our business. They are the men and women who interact with our customers every day, enhance the McDonald’s experience, and continue to help make our business strong,” Jan Fields, president of McDonald’s USA, said. Fields, […]

Prius Is A Status Brand, In-Game And Out


Electronic Arts announced a 12-month partnership with Toyota that features the Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius Eco-Greenhouse as giftable virtual items within MONOPOLY Millionaires, the free-to-play Facebook game based on the classic board game from Hasbro. The integration of the Toyota Prius is a re-imagining of the original game pieces. As players navigate their way […]

We’re Burning Coal Right Now, As We Type And Read And Watch

With the growing popularity of Facebook comes an ever-expanding need for energy. Greenpeace recently called on the talents of Director Daniel Bird and his international production company, Savage, to create a new 30-second spot asking Facebook to “Unfriend Coal.” Visual Effects/Animation Company: motion504 According to The Nation, data centers and telecommunication networks—two key components of […]

Design Is A Wholistic Practice Best Applied By Systems Thinkers

Eric Karjaluoto, Creative Director at smashLAB in Vancouver, BC is asking his fellow design professionals to “Put Down Your Crayons.” He was provoked to ask this when his search for talent kept turning up the wrong kind of designer. What most candidates fixate on isn’t necessarily what I can best put to use. Yes, I […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Volume 3

“The best way to get a job is to write down all the things you love to do, draw a circle around it, and call it a job.” —Jelly Helm, former ECD at Wieden + Kennedy and founder of Jelly Helm Studio I love that advice — the audacity! these Millennial sensibilities purr — but […]

Goodbye Administaff. Hello Insperity.

I guess being a “temp staffing” firm isn’t as sexy as “business performance advising.” Introducing Insperity. And who better to pitch it than that paragon of business knowledge, sportscaster Jim Nantz. Does a name like “Insperity” inspire you? Seems very non-descriptive to me. Or maybe that’s the point.

A Tarnished Wine Brand No More


What do you think of when you hear the name Inglenook? That’s right, cheap wine. Six dollars will buy you a magnum of Inglenook White Zinfandel today. But all that’s about the change, dramatically for the better. Francis Ford Coppola, the oenophile film director, has bought the brand name Inglenook from the Wine Group, a […]