The Surfer’s Journey, Vol. 4

The portfolio is to a creative what MCAT scores are to med students: don’t apply without one. Legion are the books (and blogs) concerned with crafting impressive books (and blogs — many portfolios are now digital). So creatives have this established protocol for demonstrating aptitude to a potential employer, partner, client — whomever they must […]

For Many Americans Green Does Not Mean Go


Earth Day is this Friday and countless brands are using the occasion to further their commercial goals. Yet, many of the messages are failing to connect with mainstream consumers. A new study from OgilvyEarth finds that 82% of Americans have “good green intentions,” but only 16% are dedicated to fulfilling them. “Many of the environmental […]

Political Movements Are Bad Enough, Do We Also Need Brand Movements?

CP+B Canada is pulling the satire card for The Bessies, an advertising industry award show scheduled next month in Toronto. Brains of Fire in Greenville, SC is one shop known to create “movements.” There are others. Sadly, I can’t hear the word “movement” without thinking of bodily acts. Hat Tip: The Denver Egotist

Yet Another Facebook Story:

“Learn from top Facebook marketers, then become one.” That’s the pitch Facebook is throwing your way today, via its new stand alone site, Facebook Studio. Facebook Studio is actively courting an advertising audience. According to Ad Age, it is a platform aimed at agencies, PR firms and media strategy companies. “We need to do a […]

Out Of Home, In Mind

Summit block e Belching

Last Friday, Minneapolis agency, Gabriel deGrood Bendt, won a Gold OBIE Award in the Video Content Media category for its “Get to the Bottom of It” digital campaign for St. Paul-based Summit Brewing Company.

Obsessive Compulsive Couponing Disorder (OCCD) Rewarded At The Check Out Counter

If you think Groupon and Living Social is extreme couponing, turn the channel to TLC. I did last night and happened upon a new American sport. Take a look…

Adweek Takes The Wolffian Way


Adweek has a new bespoke suit, a fresh shave and a great haircut. Its new editor, Michael Wolff, is feeling pretty good about it. According to The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Wolff said he wants the magazine “to be the editorial and economic anchor of a newsy website that appeals to the ‘chattering classes and […]

The AdPulp Interview: Steffan Postaer


Steffan Postaer is one of Chicago’s best known ad men. After a storied career at Leo Burnett–where he helped create the legendary “Curiously Strong” print and outdoor campaign for Altoids–Postaer decorates his resume (and maybe his office) with the MPA Kelly Award for best print campaign in North America, Best of Show at the Addys, […]

The Ad Game Is Changing, Here’s One Of Its Newest Players

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads.” -Jeff Hammerbacher Brian Wong, 20, is a founder of Kiip, an in-game advertising concern that provides “real rewards for virtual achievements.” Here he is introducing his company on Bloomberg West: In this segment, Wong talks about a “moments-based model.” He […]