Hear The Top Digital Dogs Bark

Adverblog–one of the world’s top showcases for interactive marketing–is running a new interview series. In today’s edition, Lars Bastholm, Chief Digital Creative Officer at Ogilvy, shares some of his current thinking on the state of the business. Q6. If you could wave your magic wand and change one thing about digital marketing what would it […]

Delivering Value For A Value: Pricing A Paid-Subscription Newsletter

I started “Hungry for Gumbo,” a paid letter.ly newsletter last month, mostly as an experiment. Now that I’ve produced a handful of newsletters for a small group of family and friends, I’m starting to enjoy the format and the weekly, versus hourly, pace. I only charge $1.00 month. I might raise the price at some […]

Tree Huggers Throw Some Punches

“Climate science has basically been at the receiving end of the best-funded, best-organized smear campaign by the wealthiest industry that the Earth has ever known—that’s the bottom line.” – Professor Michael Mann The factors that ruin our air and drive the Earth’s temperature to dangerously high levels are also busy destroying our land and water. […]

“You’re Meeting With A Sea Creature Now” Is A Great Line (Even Though It Overpromises)

Are you planning a beach getaway? Hilton Head Island wants you to Escape the Usual. “Cross the Bridge. Escape the Usual.” is a spot on tagline for this island of planned and gated communities. I used to live and work on the mainland side of the bridge to Hilton Head. The fact that there is […]

Energie Naturelle c/o Tropicana

DDB Paris is powering out-of-home ads with nothing but ingenuity and oranges. According to Creativity, electricity was generated by attaching 2,500 oranges to wood fitted with zinc and copper spikes. The orange juice dissolved the metals, causing their electrons to react and create a current. Hat Tip: The Boston Egotist

Luke Sullivan, Now Savannah-bound

Being in Atlanta, where Savannah College of Art and Design has a growing presence, I get a sense they’re all about making big moves. Well here’s another one: Starting in the fall, Luke Sullivan becomes chair of its Advertising department. From the press release: As department chair, Sullivan will be responsible for guiding the faculty, […]

Good Content Doesn’t Sell Features, It Showcases Benefits

Ann Handley is a content specialist who believes “good content doesn’t try to sell. Rather, it creates value for your customers (or would-be customers) by positioning you as a reliable and valuable source of information.” Palladium Boots illustrates the fundamental quite nicely in this walkabout Los Angeles. Hat Tip: The Los Angeles Egotist

From Man On A Horse, To Man With Croc-Bitten Legs

Tim Nudd from Adweek/Adfreak likes the new Old Spice spot from Wieden+Kennedy. “The writing is wonderful, and the visuals are hilarious,” observes Nudd. Shot on location in Auckland, NZ, Biscuit’s Tim Godsall directed and The Mill LA produced VFX. Although puppeteered snakes and an animatronic croc were considered, their performances fell short, so ‘Jungle’s’ reptilian […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: What Draplin Says

On April 28, AIGA Portland presents, “The Business of Graphic Design,” a series of Career Tools breakfast seminars sponsored by Aquent. To help get the word out, AIGA made a few videos featuring well known Portland designers. Here’s one from my friend Aaron Draplin: Draplin’s advice reminds me of the time in 1995 when my […]