Want To Make Progress With A Client? Know When To Chill.

Thomas Stringham of Hot Tamali in Vancouver, BC has some great advice for creative companies: Don’t overdue overdo it when looking for new business. Here’s a clip from his Ad Age piece: Creative agencies thrive on being intense. We are daring and outspoken by design. We are people who wear our hearts on our sleeves […]

Socialistic For The Capitalistic

Havas Worldwide has taken a majority equity stake in Socialistic, a new social media driven agency led by industry veteran Colleen DeCourcy. The Socialistic studio in New York will house a team of application technologists working alongside a network of journalists, writers and videographers who understand the new direction of media, with creative and strategic […]

Arm Yourself With The Right Sticks

Zildjian’s new ad camaign from Boston agency Allen & Gerritsen speaks to the brand’s relationship with modern drummers. “Genuine You” print ads – featuring August Burns Red drummer Matt Greiner – include handwritten-like messages reminding consumers to be themselves and be heard. The camapign is running in alternative music publications like Modern Drummer, Drum!, Drumhead, […]

Obvious Declaration of the Day: WPP Is A Massive Fleet

BusinessWeek is featuring a first person account of “Hard Decisions” made by WPP’s founder and chief executive, Martin Sorrell. Naturally, Sorrell talks about how hard it is to let people go from his organization, regardless of the increased frequency of such occurrences (and what critics say is a cold, calculated cost-savings measure favored by Sorrell). […]

Morris and Glass Are IBMers

If you like documentary films from the genre’s top craftsmen, this “industrial film” commissioned by IBM to celebrate the company’s centennial, could be right up your alley. The 30-minute film is directed by Errol Morris. Music by Philip Glass.

The Marvels of Vanity Search

How the hell did I miss this video from 10 months ago? DavidBurn from Brandcentral Web on Vimeo. The Tomorrow Awards’ judging process is different than most award shows in that it involves the participation of the entire advertising industry and beyond, not just a jury of a select few.

Mr. Peanut Finds New Life In The New Century

Robert Downey as Mr. Peanut. Nice. The work for Planters comes from the New York office of Being, a spin-off from TBWA Worldwide.. Kraft shifted the Planters creative account in April to TBWA from DraftFCB, and TBWA formed Being to avoid conflicts with another client, the confectioner Mars. Mr. Peanut “has always had a wit […]

JP Morgan Chase’s Pop-Up Book Takes Minds Off The Economy

“I listen to my words but they fall far below I let my music take me where my heart wants to go” – Cat Stevens Agency: mcgarrybowen Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler

Look Who’s Bloggin’ For Playboy

Steve Hall of Adrants has a new gig. With Playboy. Which makes sense. What I don’t understand is why his Playboy bio says, “Adrants, a site that rips the ad industry a new one on a daily basis.”

Spotlight On NW Creative: Timbers Out-of-Home

In Portland, soccer fans are good looking, in an indie rock lumberjack kind of way. That’s one thing I get from the Portland Timbers’ new out-of-home advertising campaign, currently running on several of the city’s structures, east and west of the Willamette River. The campaign from Jelly Helm Studio and Official Mfg. Co. is “the […]