A Charlie Brown Christmas For Ad Peeps Everywhere

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S.C. Johnson Will Stage Massive Review And That’s Not Merry News For Some

Wow, talk about a Christmas Eve news drop. And George Parker had been suggesting it would happen for a while. Lewis Lazare of the Chicago Sun-Times reports more: S.C. Johnson has dropped a huge bomb. The Racine, Wis.-based global giant in home care is putting the advertising accounts for its entire global portfolio of brands […]

The Google Runs Full Page Ad In USA TODAY To Encourage Small Business Owners

To start your new year strong, Google will match the first $100 of your investment in AdWords if you sign up before December 31, 2010.

Droga5 Goes Long – Copy, That Is

As a copywriter, I suppose I’m contractually obligated to say I like this holiday card/ad from Droga5. Click on it to enlarge. But the truth is, in 2010, I first encountered this not in the newspaper it ran in (which was in Australia), but on a few blogs like Adfreak and some others. And I […]

Are DVR Viewers Skipping The Ads? Really, Who Knows?

I’ll admit, if I watch a show on a DVR, I’ll skip the ads — that is, if I’m paying that much attention. Often, I’ll be watching while doing something on my laptop and I’ll forget what I’m watching isn’t live, so then the commercials will play. It’s this kind of existence that the New […]

The Tracy Awards Looked For Bad Work. And Found It.

It might be shooting fish in a barrel, but The Tracy Awards found some of the worst ads of this year. Like this billboard, which uses Sizzler as a verb: See all the, ahem, winners, here.

Forbes Declares Ad Superlatives, And Commenters Beg To Differ

Among the many year-end “Best Of” lists comes The Year’s Most Creative Advertising Ideas on Forbes.com. Note the terminology here — not the most creative ads, but ideas. So there’s a mix of interesting things here, from Old Spice’s TV ad to Kellogg & Nestle’s Pop Up Stores to The Puma Social Campaign to Alicia […]

Collect Toys for Tots, Grind Fatburgers

In 1947, Toys for Tots was conceived in Los Angeles by Major Bill Hendricks of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. The Advertising Club of Los Angeles, now known as ThinkLA, was the first organization to adopt it on a large scale. This year thinkLA and its Toys for Tots Event committee put a competition together […]