MADD Says Drunk Drivers Are Moral Midgets

Sometimes it’s fun to create a wholly unsavory character. One with character defects as obvious as scars. That’s where TBWA\Toronto and Holiday Films director Adam Massey went with this new campaign for MADD.

New Year, New Agency: High Wide & Handsome

Mike Wolfsohn, former ECD of Ignited, (you may remember him from the Zappos RFP brouhaha) is starting the new year with a new shop he’s co-founded, High Wide & Handsome. The origin of the name? It’s explained on their home page. The first known use of the phrase “high, wide and handsome” appeared in the […]

Doing Great Work Is Relatively Easy, Selling It Is Not

Barry LaBov, founder and president of LaBov and Beyond in Fort Wayne, Indiana has noticed something about successful people in advertising. They: Commit to doing great, inspired work. Are engagers–they engage their clients, co-workers and suppliers in doing great work. Face the tough situations–they make sure their ideas are on-track, they demand great performance of […]

In Real Time, 50 Years Ago

Here’s an interesting promo effort for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. You can follow JFK’s 1960 Presidential campaign on Twitter, as it’s being updated in real time from events occurring exactly 50 years ago.

In The Hands Of A Good Writer, Adlandia Can Be A Fascinating Place

Ad Age is running an edited excerpt from Adland by former Y&R creative director, James P. Othmer. As you surely know, there are more books on advertising available than any rational human being has time for. But I must say, this one looks good. Here’s Othmer on why he chose to write a book on […]

Screens Down

Renny Gleeson is Wieden + Kennedy’s global director of digital strategy. As such, he’s jacked in to the machine big time. Yet, he remains just distant enough to see himself. There is something beautiful, terrifying and powerful about the rise of ambient intimacy, and our willing adoption of the latest and greatest tools to feed […]

During The Digital Decade I Became A Content Machine

In October of ’01 Bill Gates spoke about the coming “Digital Decade” and how “more people and businesses would realize their potential” via the cultural and technical transformations underway. Josh Bernoff of Forrester now agrees Gates was right. He cites broadband penetration (80% of US households now have broadband), and impressive stats on the widespread […]

Sharebuilder Believes We All Need Something To Invest In

Sharebuilder from ING Direct wants to help put you “on the road to happiness.” Which is an odd way to characterize the stock market, given the hard core unhappiness it has been responsible for, of late. The 30-second spot entitled “Owners” features three Main Street Americans in everyday life – a bike courier, young professional […]

An Inauspicious Start For Fallon and Chrysler

Fallon won the Chrysler account one month ago and is already on the air with its first commercial for the troubled American automaker. The new corporate campaign, “Coming Home,” was created in response to requests from Chrysler Group dealers and research conducted that found consumers do not realize that Chrysler Group has emerged from bankruptcy […]

The ’10 Unleashed From Ford Mustang

The 2010 Ford Mustang is being supported by 10 mini-documentaries that showcase the car in action. The mini-docs are the end result of a contest from the car brand last spring, where customers (and a couple celebs) were asked to dream big in a Mustang. The piece below showcases drift racer Vaughn Gittin, Jr. living […]