Old Times Here Are Not Forgotten, But The Commercials Don’t Pass Muster

We’re coming up on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War — or, as they call it around these parts, the War of Northern Aggression or the War for Southern Independence. Battlefields, reenactments, and other historical landmarks will be big tourist attractions over the next few years. But as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Radio & TV […]

Hey, Middle Schoolers, Rum And Tattoos Are Cool

This out-of-home shelter ad for Sailor Jerry rum is located right outside a Portland middle school, which might be illegal and it’s clearly ill advised. Someone at TriMet likely messed up, although the media buyer at Quaker City Mercantile may need to accept some responsibility, as well. To show you what the school has to […]

Tazmanian Brewers Brew By Feel, Sort of Like We Make Ads

Nylon Studios Composer Blair Joscelyne composes music for quirky new Cascade Beer TV Spot from Nylon Studios on Vimeo. More information on this new work for Cascade Brewery Co. by Droga5/Sydney, Revolver and Nylon Studios is available at Campaign Brief.

Yet Another Facebook Story: The Move To Madison Ave

Owen Thomas at VentureBeat reports that Facebook has leased two floors at 335 Madison Avenue, and may be planning to employ as many as 600 people in New York City. There’s a lot of real estate to choose from in Manhattan, so is this move move also a statement of some sort? Normally, I would […]

No Christmas Trees In Japan, But Playstations Aplenty

Arno Salters of Stink and Wieden+Kennedy/Tokyo got together for on a new campaign, highlighting the infinite gaming possibilites of the new PlayStation 3 MOVE controller.

From Micro To Macro: Salon.com, Gawker Media, et al

Word on the street is San Francisco-based online magazine, Salon.com, is on the market. Adweek, for one, asks, “Who will buy Salon.com?” News that Salon is in play after 15 years of independence underscores the near impossibility of being a stand-alone news site that’s wholly dependent on advertising. On top of that, Salon trades in […]

Talkin’ The Smart Guy Talk

“Content v. Audience: What Actually Matters for Advertisers?” was a panel held at Business Insider’s Ignition Conference last week. I have little idea what these gentlemen are talking about, but it sounds important. Just for fun, I thought to collect some of the buzzwords used by the panelists: KPIs, the point of conversion, overall lifetime […]

Colle+McVoy Knows How To Create Spreadable Content

Ad agencies like to send holiday cards, and I like to receive them. Today, I received a truly excellent card from Colle+McVoy. The card came in a packet of eight greeting cards that I can now send to friends and family. Each one is artfully crafted and the insides are blank, making them that much […]

Content Rules Takes A Look At A Strange Word And A New World

When you think about it, “content” is a really awful word. In the context that it’s used these days, the word sounds so useless–as if content were an amorphous blob to clog the Intertubes. Coming along to make sense of this is Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) […]

Yes And No

As a content creator, I’ve always liked the maxim, “Content is King.” But I’m also a curator, so I’m not put off by Steve Rosenbaum’s claim that “Context is King.” Either way, I’m still King. Content isn’t King because it isn’t scarce. It’s everywhere, it’s overwhelming, and it’s gone from quality to noise. Yes and […]