We All Know Stock Images Belong Nowhere Near Our Projects, Now There’s Data To Prove It

The New York Times has picked up an eye-tracking study by Jakob Nielsen, a Web site consultant and author of a number of books about design and user interface. Not surprisingly, Neilsen found that some types of pictures are completely ignored while others are scrutinized. In an aspect of the study comparing a set of […]

What’s A Hashtag? Social Media Just Isn’t That Cool Anymore.

Steve McKee of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, and author of the book When Growth Stalls, recently attended “a confab of senior-level executives who oversee online and digital activities at a variety of leading corporations.” He found, much to his surprise, that these execs didn’t give a rat’s ass about social media. As I milled around the […]

Zippo Outdoor Is The Guy’s Guy Gift For The Holidays

Brunner has partnered with Zippo to develop a campaign that will promote the brand new Zippo Outdoor product line, which includes outdoor products, such as fire starters and hand warmers. The Zippo Outdoor items are ideal for avid hunters, fishermen and outdoor adventurers everywhere who have a special appreciation for the highest quality, authenticity and […]

Soon There Will Be No Line Between Advertising And Editorial

MediaWeek is reporting on Outbrain’s move into non-transparent paid link advertising. Are advertisers the new aggregators? A company called Outbrain thinks so and is seriously stretching the definition of contextual relevancy by letting advertisers actually become distributors of content. It’s straddling the worlds of advertising and content by placing advertiser links on its distribution network […]