L.L. Bean Is Nice, Best Buy Is Naught

The Consumer Reports “Naughty and Nice Holiday List” is a collection of customer-service policies Consumer Reports likes or loathes.

Yet Another Facebook Story: Social Currency

HauteLook, which sells luxury clothing for women, men and children, as well as upscale travel packages and home furnishings is now bringing its online “sample sales” to Facebook. “Our members spend one-third of their online time on Facebook. So we know that getting out of the e-mail inbox is going to be crucial for the […]

Red Noser

To kick off the release of the Colorado Lottery’s Holiday Scratch games, Denver agency Cactus partnered with Fueld Films gives us a peek into the inner thoughts of Santa’s reindeer.

Knorpp Hosts Fireside Chat With Hoffman, Burn, Forrester and Briody

Bob Knorpp has a big time podcasting gig with Ad Age now, but the guy knows who his friends are. Four of those friends, myself included, jumped on a call with Knorpp last last night for the 129th recording of TheBeanCast. Listen via iTunes now, or if you prefer, download the MP3. One of my […]

Google’s Visual Search Technology Returns Branded Answers

According to The New York Times, Google introduced a smartphone application last year that lets users take photos of objects and get search results in return. The app called Google Goggles is now available on Android phones and the iPhone. Google is now bringing this functionality to five national brands in an experiment to see […]

For Analog In Ohio

I love how Marcus Thomas and Kent State Folk Fest tap into the need for analog today. The need is palpable, but not always evident. Given the festival’s social media presence and request for press coverage, Adfreak writer David Gianatasio argues that “the whole back-to-basics counterculture thing is a sham and these faux-hippies are tappin’ […]

Digital Marksman Takes Aim At Traditional Agencies, Hits His Target

Adaptive Path president Peter Merholz loaded his blog canon this week and put “ad agencies” in his cross hairs. Ad agencies, in particular, are soulless holes, the precepts of whose business runs wholly contrary to good user experience practice. While I would like to think advertising and marketing agencies can evolve their practices to appropriately […]

HumanKind: The Back Story (Nothing New On Wacker Drive)

“Acts not ads.” – from HumanKind John Warrillow, author of Built to Sell and Drilling for Gold, says “there is no faster way to gain credibility for your business than to write a book.” I think that’s a particularly narrow view of how to grow a business, but I don’t discount the importance of having […]

The Mad Men Pushed Ping-Pong

I work in an office where we don’t have lots of crazy creative things you’d find in some agencies. But we do have a ping-pong table. Seems that’s a bit of a tradition, ginned up by old-school advertising in the post World War II era. Slate Magazine takes a closer look: How were thousands persuaded […]

Pumpkin Pie Makers Are Thankful For A Shared Sense Of Humor

Frisch’s Big Boy in Cincinnati found an interesting place for its holiday-themed outdoor campaign. With help from Powers Agency, Frisch’s Big Boy placed its messaging right in a competitor’s grill, or oven, as the case may be. “I just thought, the nerve of someone to put their advertisement of a pumpkin pie practically on the […]