I Wonder If It’s Safe To Wear Clarks On A Virgin Atlantic Flight

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Revisionist Social Media History

MOMA in Sao Paulo is having some fun by placing today’s must have social technologies in retro advertising settings. Visit Bit Rebels for the Twitter and Facebook versions, or visit Beautiful Life for a better idea of how these ads were used to promote agency seminars.

What We’re Watching: Harvard Geeks On The Big Screen

Darby and I went to see The Social Network this afternoon. It’s a well made film thanks to efforts of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin (“The West Wing”) and director David Fincher (“Fight Club,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”). Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig, writing in The New Republic, says, “As a film, visually and rhythmically, […]

Should We Continue AdPulp Forever? Yes But No But Yes.

I didn’t realize it until today, but YesButNoButYes stopped updating last spring. The site’s founder and editor, Scaramouch, says that “you’ll probably never make money blogging, so only do it if you love it.” YBNBY regularly got up to 500,000 visits a month, but most months made less than $1000. Scaramouch, who has a day […]

A Tale Of Two Spots

Here’s a recent Dish Network spot made by the upstart “crowdsourcing” agency Victors And Spoils. Here’s a DirecTV spot made by a “BDA”, Grey New York. Two competing spots, for competing services, made by two very different types of ad agencies. So is this a good comparison of the creative output of these business models? […]

Copywriter Turned Filmmaker Turns His Lens On Detroit

Lemonade, Detroit is copywriter and employment activist Eric Proulx’s follow up to Lemonade, a film about advertising professionals who lost their jobs during the economic downturn. “Lemonade, Detroit is a film about the disarming resilience of those who are moving Detroit beyond automobiles into an era of entrepreneurism.” Lemonade: Detroit Trailer from Erik Proulx on […]

It’s Funny How Funny The Truth Is

Wes Wagner is the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Oregon. He believes “Oregon is riddled with parasites and sociopaths who pass themselves off as our ‘leaders’ while sapping us of our prosperity.” Wagner, thankfully, has a sense of humor to go along with his politics. Hence the video below from IFC that he posted on […]

Old Spice Users Like Quarter Pounders

DDB, Sydney explores the manliness is next to godliness motif in this spot for McDonald’s. [via Make The Logo Bigger]

The Ducks Are Quacking A Little Louder These Days

In advance of tomorrow’s big game against ninth-ranked Stanford, Register-Guard columnist George Schroeder says the popularity of Oregon Ducks football isn’t all about what happens on the field of play, although that’s a big part of it. Oregon’s transition into a power goes back to Rich Brooks’ long, hard slog toward respectability. The Independence Bowl […]

Home of the ‘Wolves Hangs Big Sign, Violates Twins’ Decorative Standards

The Minnesota Twins organization is not pleased about a new Sanford Health outdoor ad going in across the street from its ballpark. According to ESPN, the 2800 square foot banner affixed to the Target Center will will dominate the view from the right-field seats at Target Field. Twins president Dave St. Peter told the Star […]