No Media, No Place To Run Ads

Few media companies know how to get paid for their online editions. WPP wants to help, for WPP has loads of clients that like to spend money running ads in the media’s print and digital vehicles. According to Fast Company, WPP’s answer is The Content Project, a scalable platform that will help content-providers share revenue […]

Employ Kyle (Or Someone Else Will)

Sadly there are way too many pitches in way too many digital places for me to pay close attention to anything but the most persuasive and original appeals. Sadly again, well-crafted appeals are all too rare. Which is why I perked up this morning when I saw the above Tweet addressed to me. It looked […]

We Are Going To Australia

Are you interested in relationship marketing and the skillful use of promotional perks? Great, let’s watch Oprah work her magic. The woman knows a thing or two about keeping viewers in the franchise. Did you see the tearful exuberance in those winning faces. Just getting tickets to an Oprah show is a lottery-like experience for […]

Bigger Ads And Cheaper Content, That’s The Ticket

Banner blindness. It’s a condition that afflicts millions of websites worldwide. But important media companies are working on a cure. The Wall Street Journal has more: AOL Inc., struggling to turn around its fortunes, is preparing to introduce a larger, splashier ad format that it hopes will attract more dollars from big brands and help […]

Xerox Says Managing Documents Isn’t Your Game, So Don’t Play It

Xerox helps companies get ready for “real business.” I didn’t know there was any other kind. Are you in an unreal business? You are? Well, maybe Xerox can help. Young & Rubicam’s new global case study campaign for Xerox features many well known brands including Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Target, Procter & Gamble, The New […]

@ChuckGrassley Just Wants To Keep In Touch

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley likes to use new technologies like Facebook and Twitter “just to keep in touch.” Which means what? That Senators are friends now? Or that these two platforms for keeping in touch with friends are forever lost to the relentless pitchman? [via Gawker]

Scion Borrows From Bladerunner To Promote Its New Model

Scion and Attik teamed up to address young, predominantly male drivers with numerous initiatives aimed at driving online searches for “the machine,” and building intrigue around the 2011 Scion tC sports coupe. Scion tC “Take On the Machine” from ATTIK on Vimeo. “In essence, our campaign presents ‘the machine’ as a menacing city, and it […]

Want A Great Copywriting Medium? Look to eBay

Writing on his agency’s blog, Red C creative director, Julian Gratton, suggests that copywriters practice their craft on eBay. You see it has suddenly dawned on me what a great place eBay is to sharpen copywriting skills. Why? Well eBay allows you to pick any object that you don’t want from around your home (or […]

In A Highly Mobile Society, Neighbors Sometimes Have Competing Interests

It’s opening night for the NFL. A perfect time to have a closer look at these DirecTV Sunday Ticket spots from Deutsch. [via Make the Logo Bigger]

Social Means Let’s Talk – Talking Is Interaction, Not A Transaction

Laura Vanderkam writing on the Reuters blog, peels some of the unseemly gloss from the lips of social media marketing. Many are doing it solely for the social outlet. Or something … But in an economy where 26% of us, according to a Kelly Services survey, consider ourselves free agents, many view it as something […]