Brands Are Well Positioned To Offer Valuable Content, But Will They?

Six in ten U.S. Internet users will be reading blogs by 2014. Yet, Read Write Web wonders if the people reading blogs today bother to make the distinction. What, after all, is a blog? To further muddy the editorial waters, Forbes is now offering to create blogs for brands. Ad Age reports: The pitch is […]

Not Having Fun At Work? Make Something!

Chairman and Chief Creative officer of Euro RSCG Chicago, Steffan Posater, has a fancy title, a corner office and big salary. But he makes it a point to stay in touch with his roots. As you may have heard, ad people working in multinational conglomerates aren’t having fun anymore. But Postaer is. Maybe he has […]

Budweiser Needs More Than A Sampling Program, We’ve All Tried The Product

Budweiser, the most popular beer brand in America, is kicking off a massive promotional push with a nationwide giveaway of 500,000 free samples in US bars, pubs and restaurants in an effort to shore up an alarming erosion in sales. Sales were down 9.5% last year, according to the trade publisher Beer Marketer’s Insights, the […]

Democrats Intent On “Winning Ugly”

According to The New York Times, “Democratic candidates across the country are opening a fierce offensive of negative advertisements against Republicans, using lawsuits, tax filings, reports from the Better Business Bureau and even divorce proceedings to try to discredit their opponents and save their Congressional majority.” “The Democratic ads are like a prosecutor’s case, carrying […]

Tracy Likes Those Bad Ads

Back in ad school, we occasionally had The Baddys, which was an excuse to drink and display some rather pathetic concepts. But now with The Tracy Awards, anyone can upload a bad ad or comment on one. Here’s a pretty easy target: There is, for each ad posted, an attempt to explain how or why […]

Camp Mocs And A Fisherman’s Sweater, Man You’re Looking Good

The Wall Street Journal is noting that today’s urban hipster is in search of timeless Americana and finding it in heritage brands. After years where a sexual ambiguity ruled, today’s menswear designers are taking cues from yellow-paged copies of Field & Stream and L.L. Bean catalogs. Pioneering names like Barbour, Filson and Stetson are catchwords […]

Truly Awesome Towns Don’t Refer To Their Awesomeness By Name

Valencia, CA is Awesometown. According to Los Angeles Times, Newhall Land Development has used a variety of marketing slogans over the years to sell homes and recruit new residents to Valencia, its master-planned community in the city of Santa Clarita. But none grabbed the public’s attention quite like “Awesometown.” Witness, Who the fuck decided that […]

It’s Not Just A Phone, It’s A Platform For Adventure And Invention

Martin Krejci of Stink has just finished another visual treat, this time to promote the launch of the new Nokia N8 via Wieden + Kennedy/London.

How Many People From Your Agency Went To Burning Man This Year?

Sid Lee is expanding to Toronto because its the fourth largest city in North America and the ideal place for a creative company to be. That is when the creatives themselves aren’t “surviving” on the Black Rock Desert of Northwest Nevada. BTW, Sid Lee is hiring in Toronto, Montreal, Amsterdam and Paris. I wonder if […]

The Google Puts Its Display Advertising Front And Center

The Google is unveiling a new 35-foot-wide, 13-foot-tall billboard in Times Square today. According to The New York Times, the billboard will stand low to the ground and invite passers-by to touch it and watch videos about the display ad business. The billboard is part of Google’s broader ad campaign called Watch This Space, which […]