An Example To Others, Singer Stands Out In A Noisy City

I Hate Steve Singer is the long-running ad campaign from Philadelphia jeweler Steve Singer, who in 1980 opened what was once the smallest jewelry store–8 ft long by 8 ft deep–in heart of Philadelphia’s Jewerly Row, the country’s oldest (and second largest) jewelry district. Writing on Open Forum, Rohit Bhargava notes that Singer’s success with […]

This Is Strange

Packaged goods advertising needs a kick in the pants. No one’s going to argue otherwise. However, I’m not sure what Unilever and WPP’s Mindshare Entertainment have wrought with this painfully derivative spot for Dove? According to Ad Age, this Mad Men mirror for Dove is just the beginning. Unilever is planning to work six of […]

Three Time Zones Away, Fiercely Competitive Nevertheless

Pac-10’s commissioner, Larry Scott, is out to re-vamp and re-brand the conference and put it on every sports fans’ radar. To forge a new and unique identity for the conference, Pac-10 approached Portland Oregon’s Mutt Industries – among other firms. Mutt designed the logo to capture the powerful landscapes that set the West Coast apart […]

Ford, WPP Have Good News For The Motor City

The consolidation of Ford’s advertising — above and below the line — at Team Detroit appears to be working well. From the Detroit Free Press: Team Detroit, the Dearborn-based collective of five WPP-owned agencies with Ford as the major client, has recently added more than 300 jobs while other local ad shops have closed or […]

VCs and Technologists Dream Of A Better Day, Meanwhile Banner Ads Still Bite

Whoa is the lowly banner ad that no one wants to see or click on. But let’s not get all weepy just yet. According to Brian Morrissey of Adweek, help is on the way. …tens of millions of dollars in venture capital is flowing into ad technology. Investors are betting that a market the Interactive […]