Alex Leaves His Company, Ends Up In Fast Company

Now Fast Company is taking a closer look at Alex Bogusky’s decision to leave CP&B. It’s been getting lots of press–BusinessWeek ran a feature last week. Still, it’s hard to resist Danielle Sacks’ article, entitled, Alex Bogusky Tells All: He Left the World’s Hottest Agency to Find His Soul. She got to spend a good […]

The City Of Brotherly Mad Men

Philadelphia isn’t all that far from Madison Avenue, literally and figuratively. And in The Philadelphia Inquirer, there’s a look back at the era of “Mad Men” in the city: Gene Shay, 75, started out as a copywriter for Firestone & Associates while simultaneously spinning records on local radio. One story he tells illustrates that even […]

EC = MC (Every Company Is A Media Company)

The New York Times is looking at the relationship between “hipster media company,” Vice, and non-hipster brands like Intel and Dell. The partnership between Intel and Vice includes the creation of a Web site, The Creators Project, which began in May. Earlier this year, the partnership also began producing events in five cities around the […]

Cuervo Drinkers In Mexico Wear Their Brand Loyalty On Their Upper Lips

Jose Cuervo is challenging Mexicans to grow really big mustaches in honor of their country’s bicentennial next month. According to Ad Age, independent Mexico City agency Anonimo came up with the unusual bicentennial concept, playing off one of Mexico’s most iconic national symbols, the macho-man mustache, as sported by revolutionary Pancho Villa. Everyone who grows […]

A Tropical Island It Is Not

Informercials are such ripe material for spoofs. Party Like A Pro from Malibu Rum is another in a long line of informercial spoofs that purports to build the brand and move product. Thankfully, this spoof is well made courtesy of writer and director, Eric Fensler of Tim & Eric fame.

Where Have You Gone, Dick Wasserman?

I have a pretty extensive collection of advertising-related books, and the news that Jerry Della Femina’s “From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor” is back in print jogged my memory a bit. One of the best books I’ve ever read, and one of the most useful, is a book from 1987 called “That’s […]

The Lowly Focus Group Gets A Hand Up From The Crowd

According to their website Napkin Labs is “a community of Gen-Y entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and generally brilliant individuals with a passion for developing great products and services.” Napkin Labs is also the subject of a New York Times feature on “tapping the wisdom of the crowd.” The paper reports that Napkin Labs, which typically charges […]

More Advertising Needs To Smell Like Fun

I shudder to think of all the clients in all the meetings in all the agencies these days who are probably saying, “We need something like Old Spice. Give us something like that.” Creating advertising that’s simply fun and memorable? It’s easier said than done. But why? These days, it’s hard to sell clients on […]

Leo Burnett–The Agency, Not The Man–Turns 75

Some agencies don’t last more than a few years, but Leo Burnett soldiers on. It’s owned by Publicis, but the man’s name is still on the door and his legacy lives on. Phil Rosenthal of the Chicago Tribune has some thoughts: Sorry, Charlie. Don’t get mad, get glad. Catchphrases coined at Burnett may be phased […]

Talking Shop With Bill And Angela Of AdVerve

I had a great time on Tuesday talking to Bill Green and Angela Natavidad of AdVerve, a podcast about advertising and marketing. I’ve appeared on several shows of late, but this one turned out really well, at least to my ears. Bill, Angela and I covered a lot of ground in a short period of […]