The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Bogusky Tree

This is classic footage of Alex Bogusky and his dad Bill.

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Social Media Advocate Running On Little Sleep

Right now, the Twitterverse and the advertising world is learning that Edward Boches of Mullen didn’t have a good night last night. He stayed at a Marriott, and his room had all sorts of problems. OK, so maybe it’s not your fault that my hotel room ceiling leaked all night long. Though the fact that […]

You Can Put A Price On Exclusive Niche Content That Helps People Do Their Jobs

Miles Galliford, co-founder of SubHub, a company that makes it easy to build a membership site and charge for access to premium content, says, the number one reason that people pay for content is because they can’t get the information they need elsewhere for free. Writing on Marketing Profs, Galliford argues: “Successful membership websites tend […]

When You’re A Puma-Wearing Hipster, The Night Too Is For Sport

Here’s some new work for Puma from Droga5. The San Francisco Egotist says, “not a single frame of it feels forced or fake.” Okay, but the decision to go after the “after hours athlete,” instead of real athletes, is a bit forced.

Paywalls Are Digital Stop Signs

The Times of London has lost 1.2 million UK readers across its daily and Sunday websites and almost halved the amount of time people spend on its sites in the past three months, according data released by ComScore. This is why: Currently the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal are the only other major […]

Tracking You At The Mall? There’s An App For That

We’ve been hearing about location-based apps for a while. This one sounds like a big one. From The New York Times: Major retailers are working with a new smartphone application that tracks and offers promotions to shoppers as they move from outside the store, to counters, to cash registers — even inside the dressing room […]

Small Car, Short Spots

MINI is introducing new 15-second TV commercials to support its MINI Countryman, a vehicle that purports to “bridge the gap between urban and country life.”

Why Is Advertising So Crappy?

The following essay was first published on The Ad Contrarian and is reproduced here in its entirety by permission of the author, Bob Hoffman. Why Is Advertising So Crappy? Like most sensible people, here at The Ad Contrarian world headquarters we do our best to avoid advertising. This keeps getting harder and harder. Despite all […]

iAd Is The Tortoise, Not The Hare

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s foray into the creation of mobile advertising on behalf of big brands is going, but slowly. Since launching its iAd mobile advertising service on July 1, Apple has been slow to roll it out. Of the 17 launch partners Apple named for iAd, only Unilever PLC and […]

IPG Does A Little Traditional-Digital Merging

This isn’t as big a deal as the DraftFCB merger, but it is another sign of the times. From The Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Campbell Mithun, the storied Minneapolis advertising agency that gave consumers the iconic Hamm’s bear to sell beer and a very young John Denver singing for Northwestern National Bank (now Wells Fargo & Co.), […]