Guest Post: Social Media Marketing Success…Wait For It

The following article is by Charlie Quirk, an account executive at the Overland Agency in Portland Oregon. He’s also the head coach of the Portland Power Australian Rules Football Club. Social Media Marketing Success…Wait For It No marketing conversation today is ever complete without a discussion about social media. These conversations usually feature a rich […]

MOST Promising

I just ran my eyes down the list of Inc. 500’s fastest growing companies in Marketing & Advertising, and oddly enough I don’t recognize many of the firms. Ian Schafer of Deep Focus thinks it’s because they paid to be there. I don’t know if that’s the reason, but I do know this is a […]

Powell’s Books: A Textbook Retailer Since 1971

Portland agency ID Branding has come up with a winning idea for the city’s most famous retailer, Powell’s Books. According to Doug Lowell of IDB: The idea is fairly simple on paper (execution was not quite so simple): we create a photobooth-type experience inside the store that lets customers have their picture taken in front […]

Can One Agency Really Do It All?

I work at what you’d consider an integrated, full-service agency. But in this world of exploding tactics and new media everything, trying to put together a truly comprehensive, multi-media campaign that builds brands, engages consumers and drives sales seems impossible. Or is it? Theoretically, of course, one agency can do it all, but think about […]

There’s No Sublety In Political Advertising Bitch Sessions

According to The Texas Tribune, 24 newspapers around the Longhorn state, ran a full-page ad yesterday with a picture of Gov. Rick Perry and the word “coward” in large, capital letters. Back to Basics PAC, the anti-Perry group behind the ad, did receive push back from one paper. Heart-owned Houston Chronicle opted not to run […]

Surfers Like Fresh Calamari And Pacifico Beer

Seattle-based Creature is unleashing Pacifico’s new experiential and content play, WebTrek. WebTrek is online journey that parallels the real-life story captured in the surfing documentary, Grey Whale Sessions. The film’s trailer serves as a jumping off point into the online version of a Pacifico journey which requires some creative problem solving to find your way […]

Innovation Is Logical. Buying A New Car Is Not.

Nissan is “shifting” its brand advertising. The number three best selling Japanese car company wants to focus its message on innovation now. The first of the new “innovation” ads debuts Aug. 28 during the ESPN College Football Preview Show. According to The New York Times, actor Robert Downey Jr. is the new voice-over announcer for […]

He’ll Never Expire, But Old Man Advertising Is Getting Smaller

Jack Meyers charges between $1200 and $48,000 for corporate subscriptions to his newsletters Jack Myers Media Business Reports and Jack Myers Advertising and Marketing Spending Forecasts, but he’s giving us a glimpse of what he offers for free on The Huffington Post. Between 2007 and 2012, advertising’s slice of the total marketing pie is forecast […]

BFG And Crew Making Headlines

We don’t cover accounts wins or personnel moves very often. There are other less interesting places for that. However, I’m making an exception today in order to highlight this bit of news from Stuart Elliott of The New York Times. SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Orlando, Fla., owned by the Blackstone Group, hired BFG Communications, Hilton […]

Bored Out Of Your Mind At Work? Let Eagle Guide You

Rebecca Cullers of Adfreak isn’t sure what the following Diet Mountan Dew spot is trying to say. Perhaps I can assist Cullers and any others that may be wondering what it’s all about. If you want to soar with the eagles, you need to drink a soda with talons.