Is The Tea Party A Hot Target Audience?

I’m not sure I buy this argument, but The Washington Post takes a look at a new wave of ads that seem to appeal to the “Tea Party” movement: There’s nothing new about patriotic commercials, especially near the Fourth of July. But Dodge’s “Freedom” ad is a little different, with its direct appeal to the […]

It’s Summer. Time For A Road Trip.

Disclosure Notice: People who send me non-ironic XXL t-shirts and letters addressed to “Blogging Superstar” are going to get coverage here. That’s the way it works. Humongo Nation pre-tour video 2010 from Humongo Nation on Vimeo. Humongo Nation is “a rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action.” It’s also the […]

Before You Head To The Airport, Check In With UPS

Here’s a testament to the power of packaging. UPS is now offering customers specially designed boxes that resemble suitcases as a way to convince travelers to ship their boxes, and avoid airlines’ luggage fees. UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said that airlines can usually deliver luggage faster than UPS but said luggage shipped by UPS can […]

Absolut v. Stoli, Fantasy v. Reality & Content v. Advertising

[via Adfreak and Adfreak again]

Yet Another Facebook Story: A Mile Wide But An Inch Deep

Gregory Levey, communications professor and author of Shut Up, I’m Talking, relays the story of how the Facebook page for his book has gained almost 700,000 fans–not because his book is a best seller. His page has numbers thanks to the popularity of the phrase “Shut up, I’m talking.” These days, like anyone involved in […]

Interactive In The Hood–River, That Is

This is another entry in AdPulp’s ongoing “Agencies In Strange Places” series. As I was kayaking near Hood River, Oregon last week, I wondered why I didn’t live out there where it’s so gorgeous and the town has such a cool feel to it. Thinking that the urban realities of the advertising business limited my […]

Sam’s Club Wants To Give Its Small Business-Owning Customers Some Credit

Persistent unemployment nationwide is threatening to inhibit consumer spending. Against this backdrop of uncertainty, retailers are taking bold steps. Sam’s Club, for one, is introducing a program in which it facilitates loans for shoppers of up to $25,000, backed by the Small Business Administration. According to The New York Times, a little under half of […]

Despite Massive Under-Employment, “We Are All Workers”

It may be a holiday weekend, but Levi’s wants us to know “We Are All Workers.”‘ To go with the ad above, Levi’s, Wieden+Kennedy and The Sundance Channel also produced an episodic documentary about the plight of Braddock, PA, a rust belt town that’s been hit particularly hard by economic forces. Here are the first […]

Alex Bogusky Zigs, Where Others Zag

Alex Bogusky, 46, has stopped to smell the literal, not proverbial, flowers. He’s also “severed all ties” with MDC and Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Here’s what Fast Company has to say about it: According to Bogusky, “Miles [Nadal, CEO of MDC] started getting phone calls from some clients that didn’t like things that I had […]

Special Attention Paid To Special Advertising Section

Los Angeles Times ran a special advertising section on Thursday. The section looked like editorial and the faux news said Universal Studios had been partially destroyed. Some readers were less than impressed. “I was frightened as I started to read about Universal Studios. When I realized it was a hoax, I was furious. How could […]