Honda Motors and RPA are advertising the good old fashioned way–by placing an eye-catching outdoor board on a busy Los Angeles freeway (the 405). Communicating Honda’s innovation and environmental awareness, the nearly free of emissions-free Civic GX is brought to life with lighted 3-D graphics to simulate clean-burning natural-gas flames. The Civic GX is available […]

Weird But True: Organic Produce Brand Plants In Virtual Soil

In breaking in-game advertising news, Cascadian Farm, which started selling organic crops grown in the Upper Skagit Valley in Washington State nearly 40 years ago, has teamed with FarmVille, the incredibly popular virtual farming game inside of Facebook. According to The New York Times: FarmVille will, for the first time, offer its pretend farmers a […]

Shopping For Pointy Shoes? Cool, Buy A Car.

Ford Fiesta is chillin’ with the hipsters in Portland this month. According to The Oregonian, Ford will share space with a clothing retailer Local35 by day. At night, the so-called “pop-up” shop will host parties and a concert series put on by Spin Magazine. The pop-up shop aims to introduce the car to those young […]

I See A Cyber Lion In Someone’s Future

I’ve been waiting to see what Iain Tait would bring to Wieden+Kennedy, aside from another British accent. Well, the waiting is over… Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb is giving much credit to Tait for Old Spice’s “Man on a Horse” personal video responses, which is fast becoming the social media marketing story/campaign of the year. Iain […]

News You Might Not Want To Use

Now that ad agencies are expanding their offerings to include more social media components, more far-reaching interactive ideas, and other forms of “content,” we’re now filling the media pipelines with lots of information. Is it news? Is it propaganda? Is it credible? Some brands are locked in a battle to win consumers over. The battle […]

You Can Punish Your DieHard Battery, It Won’t Mind

Y&R Chicago continues to update the classic DieHard Battery campaign. YouTube user, Turbo617, rips this new spot starring English musician Gary Numan to little bits. Another totally pathetic demonstration from DieHard. Lets debunk this one too, shall we? Car horn- 5 amps Headlights, high beams- 30 amps 12 florescent lamps- 45amps Keyboard- 5 amps 1 […]


Portland’s Hinge Digital, a full-service 3D animation and visual effects studio, is answering the growing demand for customized high-quality computer graphics services. Founded by Roland Gauthier, Michael Kuehn and Alex Tysowsky, Hinge Digital offers over four decades of combined experience in high-quality photo-real CG and character animation at renowned studios including Walt Disney Feature Animation, […]

Tillamook Encourages Fans/Customers To Talk About Ice Cream

Steve Strauss, writing in American Express’ OPEN Forum, notes that Tillamook Ice Cream leveraged Facebook to create the brand’s new TV advertising. The Oregon dairy asked their Facebook fans what they thought of when they took their first bite of Tillamook Ice Cream. People posted some great stories, so much so that the dairy decided […]

America Builds Cool, Badass Stuff: The Chevrolet Version

Here’s the new Chevrolet (don’t call it Chevy!) Corvette spot from Goodby, Silverstein & Partners: This comes not too long after Wieden’s Jeep and Dodge spots. Sounds like America certainly needs some reassuring these days, doesn’t it?

In Portland, It’s A Material World

Ben Jacklet at Oregon Business is reporting on Portland Center for Innovation and Design, an emerging materials library for the design community. Sohrab Vossoughi, CEO of Ziba Design, is spearheading the initiative. Vossoughi says the plan is to set up a Portland branch for Material Connexion, a global design consultancy which runs a “library of […]