Red Bull Points Facebook Fans In The Right Direction

When you first land on Red Bull’s Facebook page, this is what you see: Naturally, Facebook’s “Like” button is at the top of all these arrows. My guess is most people do what I did and click “Like.” Note: after you “Like” this page and become a “fan” of Red Bull, you don’t see this […]

Jantzen In The Mad Men Spotlight

As of Sunday night, season four of Mad Men season is underway. The first episode of the season is called “Public Relations” and it opens on a scene at a Manhattan restaurant where a wounded Korean War vet now working for Ad Age interviews a stoic Don Draper. Draper plays modest, and credits this feigned […]

Target Aims To Hit Politicians With Influence

Yeah, I saw this coming. Corporations are opening up their bank accounts for politicians now that the Supreme Court Citizens United decision makes it easier. Check out this AP story first. (We can’t reprint portions of content from the AP, but it’s a good overview.) Now, The Huffington Post takes a look at how thorny […]

Digital Publishers Don’t Have Old Media’s Margins, But The Best Operators Are Making It Work

Daniel Lyons of Newsweek wrote an interesting piece about the business side of Huffington Post, a new media company with $30 million in revenue. HuffPo has a big audience–24.3 million unique visitors last month, nearly as many as The New York Times–but like most Web sites, it can’t monetize it very well. Right now, HuffPo […]

A Rainy Night In Georgia With Humongo Nation

They had to slog through some nasty summer Southern thunderstorms, but they finally got into the ATL and I was privileged to meet up with Matt, Kristien, Darryl, Renato and RJ from Humongo Nation 2010. Humongo Nation is a project of Humongo, formerly known as Plaid. This marks the 4th year they’ve loaded up a […]

NFL Legend John Randle Stars In Spots For Vikings Scratch Game

On behalf of Minnesota State Lottery, Minneapolis agency OLSON recently employed the comedic talents of Twist Director Grady Cooper. Cooper calls the spots, “Stupid comedy for smart people.” Which might be funnier than the spots themselves.

Dimensional Out-of-Home And Interactive Displays Remind People To Eat Orange Noodles

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is placing giant smiling noodles at marquee locations like Wrigley Field and Navy Pier in Chicago and Fisherman’s Wharf Pier 39 in San Francisco, according to Adweek. In addition to these two-ton statue placements, MediaVest worked with Monster Media on interactive storefront displays that all but say cheese, using facial recognition […]

Radio Personality, Bob Knorpp On Camera. Yes, He’s A Longhair!

As you may know from previous reports here, Humongo Nation is an annual tour by Connecticut-based agency, Humongo. The team travels around in a Ford Flex and stops in to see various ad people along their route. People like BeanCast host, Bob Knorpp, in Greensboro, NC. Knorpp breaks some interesting news in his segment, which […]

Brand Fiction Can Be Loads of Fun, But It’s Not The Whole Story

On the heels of W+K’s huge social media marketing success with Old Spice, Brian Morrissey of Adweek notes that traditional ad agencies are “closing the tech divide.” Thanks to social media, the biggest challenge for brands is often less about creating the kind of technically sophisticated “immersive experiences” that digital shops have specialized in and […]

The BeanCast Episode 112: Boobies And Kittens

Bob Knorpp of The BeanCast (audio link) gathered a gaggle of ad bloggers (myself included) last night to record the 112th episode of his marketing podcast. Subscribe to The BeanCast Fast Takes Marketing Podcast on iTunes Knorpp guided us through a great set of topics, including competing fund raising efforts for the Gulf disaster; Alyssa […]