POET Waxes Ethanolic

It’s an unusual approach for a company that produces cellulosic ethanol, but I’m intrigued by POET. I like the attitude of these spots, and the facts at the end are very effective. Unfortunately, the setup of these spots mirrors much of our attitude about weaning ourselves off of foreign oil: No one seems to give […]

94111 And 97209 Rally On 15104’s Behalf

Levi’s and the struggling town of Braddock, Pennsylvania are working together to help one another out. Braddock needs economic relief that the brand is helping to provide, and Levi’s needs to show they understand the needs of real Americans and that they have new products to answer those needs. The campaign, created in partnership with […]

Wicked Party, But How Do We Measure It?

Metrics is the word of the day in client conference rooms and digital agencies throughout the land. But digital isn’t the only communications channel that’s being measured, or not measured, as the case may be. While client-side marketers say that measurement, evaluation and accountability are critical to measuring the success of sponsorship and event marketing […]

Adding Clicks To A Classic

Through the use of immersive technology, visitors to Burberry.eu are now able to select and control the view and of the brand’s latest campaign, cast and products. “I want anyone who sees the campaign not just to see images, but to feel a part of what we have created; connecting people through technology, music, the […]

People Who Help Big Companies Sell Stuff, Say It’s Time To Do It Mindfully

Arnold Worldwide has named the top ten public figures, across entertainment, business and politics, who are helping to promote the era of “mindful spending.” The research was conducted by Andrew Benett, Global CEO of Arnold Worldwide and Global Chief Strategy Officer of Havas Worldwide, as part of his forthcoming book with Ann O’Reilly of Euro […]

It’s Okay, Share A Laugh With Your Banker

TDA in Boulder has been one of my favorite ad shops for a long time. Here’s some new work from the agency for their client, First Bank. Bill Green at Make the Logo Bigger isn’t wild about the campaign–he feels the copy is too telegraphic, for one thing. My own thoughts are this: banks are […]

Multi-Platform Ad Manager Needed By Local Advertisers

I should be reading about Cannes and relaying said information here. After all, what kind of ad blogger am I? I think you know by now, I’m the ad blogger who doesn’t give a shit about Cannes. Thankfully, there is a multitude of other ad-related things to care about. Doug Perlson, CEO of RealDirect, cares […]

More Slick Advertising From Spirit Airlines

They’re not subtle, are they? At least they’re consistently tacky.

Will Mazda Get Another Enfatico?

The key takeaway in Adweek’s story about Mazda picking WPP to handle its business: After strategic presentations last month, client executives narrowed their focus to the WPP team and the Omnicom team led by DDB, said sources. WPP is expected to create a dedicated unit to service the account. The pick is not surprising. WPP […]

Ron Huey Sells His Agency, Joins Buyer In Sports & Entertainment Arena

Ron Huey, wrote this morning to say huey+partners has joined forces with CSE-a leading sports and entertainment agency. I asked Huey how the deal come about, and if it might be yet another sign that the old ad agency model is lacking in several key ways. “Unlike many, I don’t believe the “ad agency is […]