She Shall Seek And She Shall Find–Where’s Your Brand In That?

Writing on Harvard’s Nieman Journalism Lab, Gina Chen, a 20-year veteran newspaper journalist makes some good points about information consumers today. The people formerly known as the audience know if they want a certain type of information, they head to Twitter. Another type, they’ll go to YouTube. Something else, that’s what FourSquare is for. It’s […]

Crispin Loves Big Hairy Audacious Goals, But This One’s A Bit Hairier Than Making The King Cool Again

Crispin Porter + Bogusky wants to solve BP’s Deepwater Horizon problem, gratis. According to co-executive creative director, Andrew Keller, the idea of putting the agency to work on solving this oil spill thing, is “so crazy it might work.” Here are some of the ideas floating to the surface: land art : collaborate with land […]

Check In At Pepsi-Friendly Restaurants, Score Free Songs

PepsiCo is partnering with Foursquare to bring bringing location-based communications to life across all of the company’s beverage brands. Pepsi Loot is an iPhone app that shows a map of nearby restaurants that serve Pepsi beverages, called Pop Spots, along with information about the Pop Spot such as address, cuisine type and introductions to the […]

Lévy Has His Horses, But Will They Run?

The Wall Street Journal has some interesting quotes from Publicis Groupe CEO, Maurice Lévy, regarding the need to grow the holding company’s digital acquisitions. “There is nothing big left to buy,” Mr. Lévy, chief executive of Publicis, said in an interview Monday. “However, digital advertising still heralds many unknown opportunities.” “The shock that the Internet […]

You Know You Love It (When A Creative Hot Shop Falls From Grace)

I guess you have to be a parent to appreciate kid humor in a spot for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. If you’re not a parent and not particularly fond of child actors carrying a spot, then this new work from Crispin Porter & Bogusky is perfect fodder for all sorts of speculation about Crispin. But […]

If I Was A Media Baron With A Few Extra Mil. In My Pocket…

The Washington Post Company wants to sell Newsweek. But prospects aren’t exactly lining up to buy the venerable title. David Carr of The New York Times explores the topic in his most recent “Media Equation” column. How can it be that Associated Content, a content farm that has zero brand recognition, went for a reported […]

Walking On Water Hoax One To Tell Friends About

This new “viral” for Hi-Tec Sports by CCCP Amsterdam has already racked up over four million views in just over one month. Simon Bonham, head of marketing at Hi-Tec Sports said “We wanted to create a piece of entertainment around our hydrophobic footwear and get people talking about the brand again.” CCCP founder, Eelco Keune, […]

Money Versus Creativity: A Conflict That Needn’t Be

Steve Henry, writing for Brand Republic, says most agencies these days put profit above creativity, which is totally obvious but worth saying nonetheless. Bill Bernbach famously said “a principle isn’t a principle until it costs you money” – but most of the current wave of agencies would point out that time is money and they […]