Your Data For A Song

Levi’s is one of America’s most enduring lifestyle brands. As such, it’s natural thing for the brand to use content to pull you in. In fact, Levi’s Pioneer Sessions, a new showcase of 12 “pioneering artists spanning multiple genres” fits the brand perfectly, like a favorite pair of 501s. The newly recorded tracks are available […]

Worthy of Further Clickery, Vol. 4

The advertising, media and marketing corners of the bloatosphere is exploding with activity. New sites continue to be born and existing sites continue to improve their content and become more relevant and more popular. Which begs the question, how does one who is busy working in a busy field keep up with it all? Answer: […]

The AdPulp Survey: What’s On Your Mind?

I’m excited to introduce a custom-built survey with you, dear reader, in mind. We’ve used Polldaddy in the past to ask some very basic questions, and that’s been fun and somewhat revealing, but this new survey from Portland’s FUSE deploys the firm’s Intelligent Dialogue technology, which mimics a brief in-person conversation. The dialogue adapts depending […]

Strahan Sends People To The Doctor

I love the look from the housekeeper near the end of this spot. Nice touch Deutsch LA.

Dynamic, Real Time Display Ads Better Than The Current Dross

According to ClickZ, The Google is quietly testing a new display ad format that integrates a marketer’s tweets and allows people to follow said marketer without leaving the page they’re on. Google has made no announcement regarding the program, but Qualité Search Marketing, a firm based in Oslo, Norway, said it was invited by Google […]

There Are No Words To Describe The Feeling Winning A Stanley Cup Brings

Agency: Young & Rubicam NY

Are Good CCOs MIA?

It’s always interesting to see how the ad business gets reported in mainstream press. Today’s Wall Street Journal looks at the open vacancies for Chief Creative Officers at big shops: While ad chiefs are eager to tap top creative talent that can work in the digital realm, they say the bigger priority is finding someone […]

If You Live In Southern California, You Owe UCLA

Faced with a massive budget shortfall in California, UCLA is responding with IOUCLA, an unprecedented public outreach campaign to mobilize all Californians — both Bruins and non-Bruins — to raise their voices and share first-person stories about how UCLA has positively impacted their lives. IOUCLA was developed to build public support during the critical budget […]

One Of The “Beyond Petroleum” Campaign Authors Speaks

Jeroen Bours is the CEO at Darling Agency in New York. But in a past life, he was an ECD at Ogilvy and one of the creators of BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” campaign. He made a comment on today’s Talent Zoo article, “How BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” Branding Strategy Became an Epic Failure”: As one of the […]