Adobe Is In A Love-Hate Relationship With Apple

Adobe is taking out some banner ads on the New York Times today to address the HTML5-Flash controversy. This one got juxtaposed with an unfortunate news story, however. The ads click through to a statement from the company and an open letter from Adobe’s founders.

Brands Have A Story To Tell And The Perfect Place To Tell It

According to Reuters organizations have been spending an increasing proportion of their marketing budgets on their own websites instead of on external media. Chuck Richard, lead analyst at information advisory and research firm Outsell, says companies now spend more than half their online marketing budgets on their own sites. “It’s been 50 percent or more […]

Odwalla Puts Juice Fans In The Spotlight

Odwalla will have a presence at Bonnaroo next month, as they did at Coachella last month. But a brand like Odwalla needs more than a sampling booth, they need an interactive experience that creates buzz with their fans. Starting this week, fans of the brand can audition to be a performer in the Odwalla Fresh […]

Spilling the Brand Promise

Other than our fearless editor, I don’t know too many people who are boycotting BP. I don’t see a mass outrage over the spill. Still, could they ever go back to foisting this campaign on the public? I think the ad industry, by pumping this image, fares worse than BP ever will. While it’s true […]

Migration To Digital Not As Tough As The Oregon Trail, But Still Tough

Last Thursday in Seattle Tracy Wong, Chairman and Executive Creative Director of WONGDOODY took note of the “Chief Storyteller” title on my Bonehook business card. It piqued his curiosity because “story” is typically owned by the traditional shop on a client’s roster, and he sees me as a digital guy. Wong wanted to know who […]

Four New Egotists Reporting On An Ego-Heavy Industry

The Denver Egotist, announced at the beginning of the year that they intended to spread the Egotist gospel throughout this creatively endowed land. And they’re busy doing just that. The Egotist Network now includes the following sites: The San Francisco Egotist, The Salk Lake City Egotist, The St. Louis Egotist and The Des Moines Egotist. […]

Museum Asks Kids, “What Do You Stand For?”

Philadelphia’s National Liberty Museum is promoting its Heroes of Character exhibition, website and education program with posters created by Philadelphia-based agency, Quaker City Mercantile. Other posters in the series feature Yao Ming, Mother Teresa, Roberto Clemente and César Chávez. Posters will be mailed at no charge to the first 1,000 people and 5,000 teachers, respectively, […]

The Sweet Sound Of Power Tools

Inspired by the sounds of the Craftsman tools, Young & Rubicam/Chicago teamed up with musician, composer and mixed-media artist Kutiman to create the Craftsman Music Experiment, which proves you can build an inspired digital composition using only Craftsman tools.

The AdPulp Interview: Tracy Wong, John Schofield and Mark Watson

SEATTLE–It’s a sunny, brisk day. I walk from the Westin toward the touristy Pike Place blocks and keep going down to Western where

WPP Turns 25. Time For A Quarterlife Crisis?

This’ll surely make George Parker’s head explode. Sir Martin Sorrell, writing on The Huffington Post, shares his thoughts about the holding company: I think WPP’s halfway there; our objective is to be the best marketing services company in the world, and by best we mean the natural choice of both clients and people; the natural […]