You Can Choose To Add Value, Or Fast Become Invisible

I’m juggling two excellent posts about the pressing need for branded utility in the digital space. One post is from Patricia McDonald, Planning Partner at CHI. In a guest appearance on BBH Labs she says: The very idea that marketing can add value is nigh-on heretical in a digital landscape where the prevailing attitude is […]

A Nation’s Story Told In Brands

According to Ad Age, Latin America’s leading branded-entertainment agency, Fire Advertainment, is telling the country’s story through 30 of its strongest and most beloved brands — from Aceitera General Deheza olive oil to Zanella motorcyles — in exactly 181 seconds each. The 181:0 project is airing this week on Fox cable channels and in movie […]

Grand Clio Sans Grandeur

This spot for Boag’s Draught won best-in-show for television at the Clio Awards this week. Slate’s Seth Stevenson is not impressed. He calls the spot “a lame joke tarted up with decent CGI.” The visual effects here are impressively seamless, and I enjoyed the sly Aussie wit–most evident in the moment when a man dunks […]

BP Takes Page From The Pentagon’s Playbook, Denies Access To The Press

According to Newsweek, BP, the U.S. Coast Guard and locals now employed in the Deepwater Horizon cleanup effort are working hard to keep the press, especially photojournalists, away from the spill. More than a month into the disaster, a host of anecdotal evidence is emerging from reporters, photographers, and TV crews in which BP and […]

When Just “Doing Your Job” Fails To Solve The Problem

Add branding consultants and hapless clients to the long list of things and people Hoffman/Lewis President, Bob Hoffman, a.k.a. The Ad Contrarian, doesn’t respect. If your products are crappy, or your stores are dirty, or your service is lousy, or your business strategy is stupid, you — my friend — have a brand problem! Send […]

Product Integration Almost As Good As Word-of-Mouth

The Toyota Highlander will be starring in a new show from TBS this summer. According to Multichannel News, Turner Entertainment and Toyota are working together to produce upcoming original series Are We There Yet? ACE Media Corp. and Burrell Communications Group put the deal together. Toyota is the exclusive auto sponsor of the series, which […]

You Can Learn To Innovate, Or Fall Far Far Behind

PORTLAND–Webtrends maintains offices on the top floor of a 16-story building in the heart of Portland’s business core. The analytics firm has kindly opened its conference room today to Portland Ad Fed, which is hosting a Pop Art-sponsored luncheon with Renny Gleeson, Wieden + Kennedy’s Global Director of Interactive Strategy. There are two kinds of […]

Associated Content Ridin’ (A Mile) High After Deal With Yahoo!

Denver’s alternative newspaper, Westword, is running a feature on Associated Content founder (and newly minted Yahoo! vice president) Luke Beatty. The following video isn’t part of their report, just some background on Beatty and his firm. Responding to critics who say Associated Content produces unprofessional content that pollutes the world’s search engines, Beatty told Westword: […]

PBR’s Brand Value A Fraction Of Facebook’s, But Still Valuable

Few beer brands are as iconic as PBR. The beer may be missing some hops, but the brand isn’t missing a beat. All of which, makes it a property worth owning. According to The Wall Street Journal, investor C. Dean Metropoulos, a 64-year-old known for invigorating brands, has reached an agreement to buy Pabst Brewing […]

Jobsian Missives New PR Strategy In Cupertino

Wired is taking note of the emails Steve Jobs has been sending to customers and members of the press. “They’re off the cuff, but he’s a marketing genius, though,” Steve Rubel, senior vice president of Edelman Digital, said. “He’s responding to the right e-mails at the right time, based on what he thinks is right.” […]