George Lois Wants You Digital Kids To Get Off His Lawn

I suppose if I did a whole bunch of iconic magazine covers in the 60’s, along with ads and other culture-influencing ideas, I’d also lament the state of print media today, and find its digital counterpart lacking. Video comes courtesy of Big Think, which I’d never heard of but looks to be an interesting site […]

Freedom’s Just Another Word For Grainy, Low Quality Content

Business Insider is smart to run two opposing views on paid content and the cable industry side-by-side. One article is written by Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3–the leading television network for the internet generation–the other by Bill Gurley, a general partner at Benchmark Capital. Louderback’s argument is the consumer will get what she wants thanks […]

What’s The Big Deal?

The following ad is too overtly sexual to appear on network television. Which, of course, is exactly what helps lead to a viral hit online. At this time, the commercial has been viewed 2,577,747 times on YouTube. According to Palm Beach Post, ABC deemed the ad too racy for viewers of Dancing with the Stars, […]

For BP, Environmental Disaster Equals Business Disaster

I haven’t purchased gas or anything else from Exxon since the Valdez spill. Sadly, it’s time to add BP to the list of companies I boycott. According to Los Angeles Times, BP has spent heavily to position itself as an environmentally friendly company, redesigning its logo into a green-and-yellow sunburst and advertising its $4-billion alternative-energy […]

The On-Demand Brand Takes A Good Look At The New Media Landscape

Although it’s one of many new books about the new era of marketing, there’s a lot of great material in The On-Demand Brand: 10 Rules for Digital Marketing Success in an Anytime, Everywhere World by Rick Mathieson. Mathieson’s book is chock full of good recent examples of new media and the power of new forms […]

I’m Going Out West Where They Appreciate Me

Gannett’s Chief Digital Officer, Chris Saridakis, left the company and fired off a dismissive memo to colleagues in the process. You can read the whole thing at Gannett Blog–An independent journal about the Gannett Co. Inc., or like me, focus on this short clip. If everyone decides to charge for content that a consumer will […]