Talking Tech With Jesse Draper

Mike Cassidy of Los Angeles Times characterizes Jesse Draper’s Silicon Valley-based talk show as a weird relief. The Internet talk show, called “The Valley Girl Show,” is weird all right. And goofy and silly, and it’s on the Internet, for God’s sake, the province of skateboarding cats and viewers with gnat-like attention spans. But it […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Account Wins @McBru

Editor’s Note: I recently asked agencies doing business in the Pacific NW to send us news of their account wins, important staff changes, new creative and anything else we should know. Jeff Hardison took me up on that, so his agency gets two AdPulp mentions in one day. Hey, all you need to do is […]

Broadly Relevant But Highly Differentiated

Last night over drinks Jeff Hardison, drummer and Director of Biz Dev at McClenahan Bruer shared several interesting insights with me about Portland, about how to improve AdPulp and the need to clearly differentiate your firm’s offering to prospects. It’s this last bit that really grabbed me, given that I now run a creative services […]

ESPN Kickin’ It In South Africa

The 2010 World Cup is being held in South Africa and ESPN, with the help of Wieden + Kennedy/NY and director Lance Acord are playing up the historical impact of the event. The backdrop for the spot is the prison on Robben Island where political prisoners, including Nelson Mandela, were kept in isolation for 30 […]

A Hole In One For Cynicism

Sure, it’s powerful because it’s got his dead father doing the VO, it’s shot in black and white with one camera pointed straight at his morose face, and nothing else. Of course, it’ll command your attention in the middle of some pod of otherwise lame commercials. But I just don’t buy it. To me, it’s […]

Social Media Marketing Is A Side Dish, Not A Meal

David Wiggs of Hitch, an agency search consultancy in Bellingham, brings up an excellent point about placing too many eggs in any one basket. With the extreme emphasis on social media marketing today, you might think that modern marketing is a monoculture. That if you’re doing social, you’re doing marketing. True, the way we communicate, […]

Push Back From The Screen And Play

The YMCA and TBWA\Vancouver wants to know why we prefer iPods to conversation? Why we have more friends on Facebook than in real life? Over the past couple of decades, we’ve been spending more time at work, less time with our families, and less time doing physical activities. Obesity is up, internet usage is way […]

Cupertino, We Have A Problem


Fiction writer and instructor, Edan Lepucki, stopped using Twitter and Facebook at the beginning of 2010 so she could concentrate on her writing, and on being present. I admire her move and according to her article in The Millions, so do her real life friends. The single most fascinating aspect of my detox was the […]

Still An Unusual Sight

It’s still unusual to see people in wheelchairs in commercials. But that’s part of the point this spot makes:

Do Not Operate Heavy Equipment While Wearing Beer Goggles

I was clicking through Sukle’s new site tonight and one needn’t click very far to turn over some real gems. Like this print ad for Wyoming’s Dept. of Health. [via The Denver Egotist]