EC=MC (Every Company Is A Media Company)

I can’t keep track of the number of instances here where I’ve written these words: brands–and pretty much everyone else with a digital presence–are in the media business today. So, it’s heartening to see what other people have to add on the topic. People like Brian Solis, author of Engage and principal of Future Works, […]

Weber’s New Trick: Inspiring White People To Dance

[Hat Tip: Kim Brater]

I’m Not David Byrne, But I Am A Talking Head

Taylor Ellwood of Imagine Your Reality, had me on his podcast this evening. We covered a lot of ground in 60 minutes and I’m grateful to Taylor for the opportunity to air out some of my favorite topics: like too much time spent in front of the computer screen; how to make money on one’s […]

Text-to-Like Small Businesses In Your ‘Hood

If Yelp, Google, Fousquare and Facebook all get their way, local business windows will be covered in window decals. According to Mashable, Facebook is sending out window decals with text-to-Like SMS instructions to select local businesses. Facebook is also gifting beta testers with $25 in ad credits to help drive home the utility of the […]

When You Live In Chicago, A Friend Of The Blackhawks Is A Friend Of Yours

Element 79 is braking new Blackhawks-related work for Harris Bank. “With this campaign, we wanted to go beyond showing the people of Chicago that Harris is ‘Here to Help,’ but also to say, ‘your home team is our home team,’” said Alan Spindle, Group Creative Director at Element 79. “Like the Blackhawks and the Bulls, […]

Wonder About The Wild

Our Man In Havana, a New York-based creative consultancy, is showcasing new work for Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium. “Typical zoo advertising invites people to come see the animals,” said Andrew Golomb, co-founder and creative director at Our Man In Havana. “But what surprised us was when we did research and […]

Cars Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Commercials

According to Broadcasting & Cable, Chevy Malibu is the “presenting sponsor” for new TBS’ microseries, Gillian In Georgia. In lieu of a traditional commercial break, the show will feature prominent product placement, and the Malibu will be incorporated into the plotline. The microseries will premiere during Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns on April 28. Two […]

Ad Guys And Gumshoes

Thanks to a stolen next-gen iPhone and one “reporter’s” willingness to buy it, there’s a lot of interest today about who is a journalist and who is not. The Gizmodo/Apple story led me to think again about a topic Steffan Postaer recently took up an on his personal blog, Gods of Advertising. In order to […]

Are There Simply Too Many Agencies?

Writing in Ad Age, Associate Professor at Syracuse University, Brian Sheehan, argues that the value of our services in the ad industry is diluted by too much competition. The sheer number of agencies means most will do whatever it takes to “win.” And with so many players, the market price and value put on ideas […]

Sometimes Absurdity Is The Only Way To Deal With Tragedy

Here’s a case where advertising’s importance, and ability to do good, can’t be missed. More than 150 kids have been shot this year in Chicago–more than 25 of them shot dead–a cold fact found, of all places, in this bus shelter ad from Young & Rubicam/Chicago and the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence. Here’s a […]