Appetite Appeal Flew The Coop At Denny’s

Once upon a time in America, it made sense for restaurants to entice customers with their food. But now we live in a time of cheap production and no-cost distribution–a fact which leads to spots like this. [UPDATE] David Gianatasio of Adfreak also posted this spot and said, “This stuff is so forced and self-consciously […]

Self-Deprecating Promo

Nice job, Humongo.

No Smoking? No Problem — Nicotine Delivery Devices Shape Shift To Fit Today’s Regulated Environments

60 Minutes ran a segment on Big Tobacco’s bet on smokeless tobacco last night. The producers found a Los Angeles hipster who smokes and uses Snus. He’s the perfect consumer from Big Tobacco’s point of view. Take a look… Watch CBS News Videos Online The fact that Camel uses the tagline “Break Free” in its […]

We’re Approaching Intern Season. Is It A Good Thing?

Back in college, I was lucky enough to score an summer internship at an agency that actually paid. I got something like $100 a week, because as I was told, the agency President believed in paying something rather than not paying at all. Hey, it was lunch and gas money, and I was grateful for […]

Happy Easter — And Happy Birthday David Burn

Somewhere in Oregon or Washington, great wine is being consumed by the editor of AdPulp. Happy Birthday, David!

Spotlight On NW Creative: Dave Knows Portland

So, I’m driving around town yesterday and what do I see? I see a transit ad for Dave Knows Portland, a blog about Portland. Turns out, Dave’s girlfriend Heather (who is also a Portland blogger) put the ad together and purchased the media as a gift. Nice gift.

Long Live The Well Made Magazine

Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair, loves magazines and he has little concern for their future. Writing in MediaWeek, he says: The reading business is not the same as the search-and-find business, and if you’re in the print version of the latter, on either a daily or a weekly basis, you have reason to be […]

Free Your Imagination — Read Books On The Kindle

Spots written and directed by Ithyle Griffiths and Angela Kohler.

The More You Know (About A Client’s Business) The More You Can Do (To Drive Brand Loyalty And Sales)

In his latest piece for Ad Age’s Small Agency Diary, Marc Brownstein of Brownstein Group in Philadelphia (not to be confused with the Disco Biscuit by the same name, in the same city), wisely encourages agency personnel to be proactive on their client’s behalf. Clients hire us to understand their business, help them identify problems, […]

Digital Isn’t Madison Avenue’s Undoing, It’s Just The Latest And Most Blatant Challenger

From the perspective of serial entrepreneur Jeff Bussgang, a partner at Flybridge Venture Capital in Boston, traditional advertising as embodied by fictional characters in AMC’s hit show Mad Men are true relics, with little chance at ever again exuding the kind of swagger we see in Don Draper. Writing in BusinessWeek, Bussgang argues: With the […]