The Face Of Media

Gen Y marketing expert and radio personality, Bret Bernhoft, asked me to appear on his new radio program, The Face of Media. Naturally, I agreed. What self-respecting ad blogger wouldn’t want to quaff an IPA while dishing on the future of media? The show is also available on and iTunes. The recording took place […]

Forget Your Reel, Let Me See Your Show

Agency holding company MDC Partners is moving into TV production, and its new company, Shout Media, is already developing a show for Bravo called “Pregnant In Heels.” Miles Nadal, MDC’s CEO, says marketers are “consistently seeking new and inventive platforms to deliver immersive brand engagement, entertainment and ongoing interaction with consumers.” (Actually, I don’t think […]

In New York, There’s No Comparison

The Wall Street Journal will launch its New York edition in April. Today, The New York Times responded to Rupe, his minions and to those who might want to advertise in this new edition. The paper’s “Numbers” campaign, developed in-house, showcases The Times’s size and strength among women, business professionals and art enthusiasts in the […]

A Well Engineered Message At An Oportune Time

Agency: RPA/Santa Monica

Hertz Puts Pretty Young People And Voices In Their Cars

Hertz’s new “Journey On” campaign was developed by DDB around the idea that “the most important journey is yours.” To bring the campaign to life, Hertz features singer/songwriter Amy Regan in one of the spots. Amy stars and performs her song “Carry On,” which tells the story of her real life journey as an artist. […]

It’s A Wrap. Or Is It?

On the heels of last week’s well publicized dismissals of two prominent film critics, The New York Times wonders if classic trade publishing, as practiced by Variety and its younger rival, The Hollywood Reporter, can survive these tough times. “Having something that is valuable enough to pay for is the trick,” said Martin Kaplan, the […]

SXSW Can Be Overly Social Even For The Most Social

I feel Brogan’s pain here. No one wants to be used. Plus, the whole idea of limited access (to a party in this case) runs counter to one of the Web’s main attributes.

Clients Pay For Reaction, Not Proaction

Another week, another poll in Adweek that shows how agencies are lacking. The complaints are all too familiar, but a new poll of client executives finds that agencies still aren’t proactive enough and need to make more of an effort to grasp the business challenges that clients face. Asked to identify their top sources of […]

Episodic Content Continues To Grow On the Web

Bertolli’s new web series, “Into the Heart of Italy,” features Rocco DiSpirito, Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese on a journey to uncover the secrets of Italy’s passion for food and life. Day One: Lucca @ Yahoo! Video According to Ad Age: Unilever, along with media agency MindShare Entertainment, has produced what have arguably become web […]

Brand Loyalty Is Tough To Measure, Until You Convert It Into Sales

James Cherkoff of Modern Marketing has a new and interesting take on David Ogilvy’s admonition, “We sell, or else.” That most crucial aspect of markets and marketing, the Point-Of-Purchase (P-o-P) is changing quickly and in some very surprising ways. In doing so, this shift is throwing light on some long-standing weaknesses of the marketing industry, […]