Walgreens Wants To Celebrate Your Love

Walgreens is asking consumers to send in photos of themselves kissing as part of the chain’s Valentine’s Day promotion. Starting today, couples can upload their best kissing photo online at shareakiss.walgreens.com, or get their picture taken in-person at One Times Square. The image will then appear for all to see in Times Square. The billboard […]

Request For Fairness (RFF)

Agencies and clients are peas in a pod. Right? Uh, not always. Jennifer Modarelli, president of White Horse in Portland, writing on Ad Age says the request for proposal process is messed up. Even though RFPs precede an actual business relationship, they contain an implied transaction: We’ll invest heavily in time, brainpower and, yes, emotion […]

Free Agent Multi-Nation

There’s a new agency in town. Correction. There’s a new agency in the cloud. image courtesy of blogto.com Cloud Advertising Agents has no silos, no departments and no cubicles. But it has backing! Peter Coish, formerly of president of Draft/Toronto and Wunderman, is leading the venture, and The Hive is an equity partner. Cloud will […]

Private Space At Work? How 20th Century Can You Get?

The New York Times is running a piece on Grey’s new offices and what motivated the move to an open floor plan. Before, most everyone had an office; now there are three in the entire company. And the floor that houses the creative and production departments lacks even cubicle walls. Tor Myhren, the chief creative […]

What Clients Really Think

RSW/US, a Cincinnati-based consultancy that helps agencies hone their new business development efforts, asked marketing execs at 200 companies including Nestle, Pfizer, Kraft Foods, Colgate-Palmolive, Hilton and Harrah’s 23 questions about their agencies. Here’s one of the questions and several random answers pulled directly from the report. Q. If you had one piece of advice […]

Today In Twitterverse: Past Experience Belongs In A Bio

Todd Moritz of Substance says what needs to be said.

Center Stage With Portland’s Most Successful Communicator

PORTLAND–It’s only 5:30 but already Jimmy Mak’s, the Pearl District jazz club, is full of people eager to hear from the silver fox. Before Dan Wieden ever takes the stage, it’s a standing room only affair. So much for the idea that people don’t like advertising, or the men and women who dedicate their lives […]

Refresh Everything, Including Your Browser

Pepsi’s decision to avoid running Gatorade, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew spots during the Super Bowl and to instead concentrate on a social media campaign with charitable giving at its center, seems to be working wonders. Atlanta Constitution Journal reports: According to Nielsen Co., PepsiCo is getting more attention on the Web than any […]

SE Toyota Dealers Put The Brakes On Some TV Spots

I once had a client that knew her brand was going to be the subject of a negative TV news story on a local station she advertised on. Her first instinct was to buy even more spots to counterbalance the story. I’m not sure whether it would’ve helped or hurted, but I do remember my […]

Be A Man, Drive A Dodge Equipped With FLO TV

Did you notice the hen-pecked male theme last night? If not, take a second look.