Pre-Game Chatter

Collective Intellect uses their proprietary semantic filtering technology to produce real time market intelligence. In other words, they listen to conversations on Twitter, blogs and message boards and provide their findings to marketers who might benefit from that knowledge. Here’s what the firm is hearing about this Sunday’s Super Bowl commercials: Proof once again that […]

Dreamy Is Right Touch For Google’s New Smart Phone

Directed by Andrew Huang, this new Nexus One spot from Google is somewhere between the radically hip Apple messaging and the kind of work that BlackBerry puts out. Now that Google is in the mobile handset business, it’ll be interesting to see how the brand develops in media other than digital. [via Media Bistro]

Do You Look Good On Webcam? Then You Might Look Good To Playboy.

[via Larry Tolpin on Twitter]

Onitsuka Tiger Is “Made of Japan”

For the fourth year in a row Amsterdam Worldwide has fused the eclectic and ancient traditions of Japanese art and contemporary culture to ignite fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger. This year’s centrepiece of the brand’s “Made of Japan” campaign is a totem to traditional Japanese Tansu furniture-making: a one and a half-metre long bespoke wooden cabinet […]

Honda Brings Some Funky Stuff To The Party

Squirrels like to store things. People also like to store things. Which is why it’s nice to have a vehicle capable of transporting said storables. A vehicle like Honda’s all-new Accord Crosstour. The spot airs this Sunday during the 4th quarter of the Saints v. Colts showdown. Whether 4th quarter viewers will identify with the […]

In Some Retailer’s Eyes, You’re Not You, You’re A Data Point

George Orwell argues in 1984 that Big Brother is watching you. I’ve long held that in reality we are watching Big Brother, but I’m willing to concede we’re watching each other. According to The Wall Street Journal, NEC Electronics Corp. has designed a method for digital signs to track the age, gender and number of […]

A Sad Toy Story

I believe that small and mid-sized agencies are well-positioned to take advantage of this economy and the need for high-quality and high-touch marketing efforts. So the news that Toy is closing is sad, because it was one of the higher-profile startups of the last few years. Ad Age has more: The agency currently employs 10 […]

K.C. And The Sun Life Band Get Down Tonight

Sun Life, a longtime provider of annuities, life insurance and group employee benefits, is well-known in its native Canada, but in the U.S. the brand wants to dramatically increase its presence among financial advisors and consumers. Enter The Martin Agency. Bruce Kelley, Partner and Vice Chairman of The Martin Agency said, “Getting consumers to take […]

Matters of the Heart

Diet Coke is supporting The Heart Truth with two new 15-second spots that will air tonight on American Idol. Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Director: Pistachios Production Company: Blacklist, New York Original Music: Charlie Campbell

Time For Some Gratitude

Given the high percentage of African Americans currently serving in the U.S. military, it’s a good idea for the various branches to find a way to honor that service. The United States Marine Corps, for one, is introducing a new multimedia campaign entitled “The Line” this week, in conjunction with Black History Month. Two inspirational […]