Once A Cosmopolitan Centerfold, Now A Senator

Andrew Graff, chairman of Boston’s Ad Club, writing in Adweek notes that Scott Brown won Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat in a special election yesterday largely by portraying himself as a common man. Brown’s ads showed him driving a pickup truck, amping up his Massachusetts accent and donning a barn jacket, like he was on […]

Drop And Give Me 20…Concepts, That Is

I suppose that even if you live and go to school in New York City, the world of advertising can seem like another world if you don’t know anyone in it. To fix that, the One Club is holding its first “Creative Boot Camp” this week, open to students who attend one of the City […]

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Delivers Brand Experience

This is a simple idea, but one that makes a lasting and totally positive impression on those in the room. [via BFG Blog]

Dear Rainmaker,

Here’s an ad I found in my morning newsletter from the 4As that you might find interesting. FULL SERVICE AD AGENCY NEEDED! Professional services client spends $2 million on broadcast, and wants to make a serious commitment to tasteful creative AND national public relations. Senior PR specialist should be on staff and should have deep […]

A Statement of Confidence

Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners in New York has skin in the game. According to Stuart Elliott of The New York Times, the agency is introducing a stock fund that contains shares from K.B.S.&.P. clients. The index is intended to track the performance in the stock market of shares of companies that are publicly traded […]

Hyperbole Alert

Oscar Meyer has a new tagline: It doesn’t get better than this. Personally, I find it disturbing that a group of people at Kraft Foods and their new agency McGarryBowen would put that type of sentiment in an ad for processed meats. If in fact the act of eating an Oscar Meyer hot dog with […]

The News Business Is Not The Newspaper Business

Care of NOW on PBS, professor Bob McChesney and journalist John Nichols–co-founders of FreePress.net and authors of the new book The Death and Life of American Journalism–discuss the perils of a shrinking news media landscape, and their bold proposal to save journalism with government subsidies. There’s a ton of rich material and finely-honed arguments in […]

Everydays Houdinis Crawl Out of Their Boxes

outside the box from Joseph Pelling on Vimeo. Joseph Pelling is an animator/illustrator working in London.

Campaigning for Historic Preservation

Austin ad agency, Door Number 3, is lending a helping hand to The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, the organization that maintains The Alamo in San Antonio. The campaign invites Alamo enthusiasts and the public at large to “Cross the line” and become part of timeless ideals: heroism, courage, loyalty and sacrifice in the […]

Social Media Strategy Fits The Kitzhaber Brand

Provide Oregonians a free undergraduate education. Create a state-run micro-loan program for Oregon startups. And help strengthen the creative economy. These are some of the ideas Oregonians are providing to John Kitzhaber, who is running for Governor in 2010. Ben Jacklet at Oregon Business writes: The Kitzhaber campaign’s website for ideas has received dozens of […]