Tossing Light Entertainment In The Old Shopping Cart

According to Ad Age, Tesco, Britain’s biggest supermarket chain and the fourth-largest retailer in the world, is adding movie production to its portfolio of ventures, a sign that it knows well the fact that we’re all in the media business today. The movie venture’s first project, a film of Jackie Collins’ new novel, Paris Connections, […]

Bud Light Cues The Good Old Laugh Track

Anheuser-Busch, the world’s largest brewer by revenue, will air five minutes worth of commercials during the Super Bowl on February 7th. According to The Wall Street Journal, several new Bud Light ads will debut with a newly created tagline, “Here we go.” The line is meant to show that Bud Light is a “catalyst for […]

No-Effing Way: Man Jumps From Brooklyn Bridge Into Huge, Barge-Top Peanut Butter Cup

Brian Morrissey over at Adfreak does a nice job of pointing out just how popular this kind of viral video is today. The no-effing-way YouTube genre is becoming old hat to marketers. It stretches back to Nike’s “Touch of Gold” and includes such gems as Marc Ecko’s “Still Free,” Nike’s Kobe Bryant jumps a car, […]

You’re Invited To Steve’s iPad

In advance of today’s product announcement from Apple, Forbes spoke to some people in the ad biz to get their take on what the iPad means for marketers. Jeremy Lockhorn, director of emerging media at digital agency Razorfish, believes the iPad will enable richer interactive experiences. “When viewing an episode of TV’s Mad Men, for […]

Super Bowl Commercials, Like Feature Films, Get Their Own Trailers

On Sunday February 7th, the Bridgestone brand will unveil two new commercials–“Whale of a Tale” and “Your Tires or Your Life”–during Super Bowl XLIV. Here’s a trailer for one spot: And here’s the “making of” footage, where you can see how glamorous Super Bowl spot making really is. BTW, Patrick Murray and Bill Cochran work […]

Do Not Attempt

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Spotlight On NW Creative: Wiggs Asks, Marr Answers

David Wiggs of Marketing Hitch, a marketing agency search consultancy in Bellingham, conducted an interview with Brian Marr, Managing Director at Seattle’s Wexley School of Girls. Q. We’ve all read that the pitch / RFP process is broken. Many agencies aren’t even interested in competing in pitches. Do you see an alternative to this process? […]

Super Bowl Sunday — The Perfect Occasion for An Abortion Debate

University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow will appear with his mom in a Super Bowl ad for Focus on the Family next month. According to and The Palm Beach Post, Tebow defended the 30-second ad in which he and his mother Pam are expected to discuss her decision not to have an abortion despite […]

Adhesion Is The New Sticky

Mobile ad company Crisp Wireless has introduced a fixed placement unit for smartphones that keeps ads onscreen while a user scrolls up or down on a mobile Web page. The new “Adhesion” ads support rich media formats like expandable, tap-to-call and tap-to-video as well as the ability to share, close or save, or ad content […]

Creatives Serving Creatives

Speaking at the Midem music conference in Cannes, producer and hip hop star Pharrell Williams–a man with a well-honed identity–unexpectedly gave the agency business a rousing endorsement. Asked what he would do if he was starting out today, the singer and producer told the