The Steffan Postaer-Free AdPulp Post

Editor’s Note: This one’s for you High Jive Blake Ebel, Executive Vice President and Executive Creative Director at Euro RSCG/Chicago, wrote an essay on salesmanship for TalentZoo. Think for a moment about what great salesmen have that the others don’t. For starters you sense that you can trust them. Even if it’s just a little. […]

While The Industry’s Artistes Measure Creativity In Cannes, And Elsewhere, The Digerati Generate Reports And Cash Checks

Seth Godin and Darren Barefoot both address measurability of online ad buys and conclude there’s nothing to fear but the numbers. Here’s Seth: If your ads work, if you can measure them and they return more profit than they cost, why not keep buying them until they stop working? And if they don’t work, why […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Full Sail Brewing Co.

Creative goes way beyond advertising. For instance, when you go the extra mile to providing tangible value, you are being creative. There are as many ways to do this as there are creative people working for forward thinking companies. With this in mind, I’d like to draw your attention for a moment to the work […]

Don’t Go To A House Party Without Your Adidas

BrandFreak, the new blahg from BrandWeek, is showcasing the above Adidas ad from Sid Lee in Montreal. The spot features cameos by Method Man, Katy Perry, D.M.C. (of Run-D.M.C.), Russell Simmons and David Beckham, plus a remix of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’ 1968 hit “Beggin’ by Parisian producer Pilooski.

Self-Promo Ad #1

It’s 2009 and we’re going to see what AdPulp can do this year. And what social media can do. The impetus for this is personal, in that I moved from South Carolina to Oregon last August, worked remotely for BFG until the end of the year and am now a member of Free Agent Nation, […]

Talent Zoo Is Offering AdPulp Readers (The Ones Who Employ People) 25% Off

It’s 2009 and that means new budgets. New budgets means hiring and hiring means running an ad on, at least in these quarters that’s what it means. Thanks to the enlightened management team at Talent Zoo, you can now take 25% off the placement of a job ad or bundle of ads. All you […]

Brand Building 801

The news can be so damn depressing sometimes. It’s been so lately with all the droning on about the economy. But if you get your “news” from other sources, like Springwise, an entirely different world begins to come into focus. In this world, bright people are working on interesting things. While headlines in 2008 focused […]

There’s Gold In Them ‘Tubes, I Swear

Huffington Post and Digg are two Web 2.0 companies that have been valued north of $200 million. Now editors from BusinessWeek, AdAge and Gawker are looking at the books and saying, “not so fast.” According to Simon Dumenco, HuffPo collected just $302,000 in ad revenue last year. He says soberly that the company might be […]

What W+K Sounds Like

I started an internet radio station at The Integer Group in 2002. It was called KTIG and featured playlists from about a dozen associates in the Denver office. After I left the agency, the project withered away. The reasons we made the effort in the first place: a) to create a working model for our […]

Reality Creeps Into Car Ads

“If in the next year, you lose your income, we’ll let you return it.” That’s the gist of this Hyundai spot: As you can see by the beginning of this clip, Goodby Silverstein & Partners produced the spot, as Hyundai’s AOR. But I’m very curious as to who had the idea of “give ’em a […]