Crispin Doesn’t Do Boring, Raises Bar On Promotional Marketing

Coupons are boring. You can’t do anything creative with them. And there’s no chance in hell for any kind of industry recognition. Unless, you rewrite the script in the wee hours of the night at Crispin. Then something good can happen. Whopper Sacrifice, a new Facebook app from BK and their friends in Miami/Boulder, is […]

PlaceVine, The Matchmaker

Ads are direct come ons from another century. In the 21st century, brands need to connect through cultural currency. Which is well and good, but brand managers need to know where their next content opportunity lies. Their highly paid advisors may not know. On another front, independent producers are getting their films/projects made, come hell […]

To Do In 2009: Launch a Successful Mobile Marketing Program

Mobile is freaking HUGE right now. So is lifestyle content and branded utility. According to Ad Age, the three are, in fact, dating. In the past month alone brands like Kraft, Nike, Gap, REI and Friskies have built mobile applications that offer their customers something of value. REI, for one, is offering snow reports to […]

Learn What It Takes To Be One Of The Greats

see this ad bigger [Ad for Ontario College of Art & Design via Makin’ Ads]

Melrose Is One Bitchy Avenue

The Denver Egotist finds the content on Melrose Jewelers blog particularly offensive. It’s a blog like Perez Hilton’s that skewers LA gliterati, including Owen Wilson, Lindsay Lohan and others. Simply put, it’s lurid content for people who want to flash some high dollar jewels. As a content strategy, it’s hard to fault. Even so, I’ll […]

Army of 15.5

The party and hangover have long been gone, but the bill is now due on Wacker Drive. According to Lewis Lazare: Leo Burnett agreed on Tuesday to pay the United States a whopping $15.5 million to settle a federal “whistleblower” civil lawsuit first filed under seal some 4½ years ago in U.S. District Court in […]

Dear Small Business Owner, Get Up On This

Gene Marks is a guy with a web site; yet, he knows that not every small business needs one. Writing in BusinessWeek, Marks says, “millions of business owners may know something that we’re not prepared to admit. Some people don’t really need a Web site at all. Maybe a Web page. But not a Web […]

Online In ’09

I mentioned yesterday that I want to see what AdPulp and social media, in general, can do in ’09. My challenges are presently two-fold: A) We own a house near Hilton Head and Savannah that we need to sell or rent, a.s.a.p. b) I need to secure new income streams from a variety of sources, […]

Due To Scoble Blindess, Men Fail To See Digital Divide, Fall Into Trap

Alan Wolk does it again. First, he comes up with the term NASCAR Blindness to describe how coastal elites fail to understand what motivates average Americans. Now, he has a new term, Scoble Blindness, to describe a similar condition that afflicts those working in the tech sector. Scoble Blindness is the strongly held belief that […]

Everyday Wine Drinkers Are Not Brand Loyal

Because I’m a big fan of Oregon pinot noir and would like to take on some wine industry clients this year, I’ve been thinking a lot about brand preference in this decidedly non-brand centric environment. Here’s a quick survey I administered this moring on Twitter (the responses address the question of brand loyalty when it […]