One Big Ad Blog Love Fest

I want to send out a very special thank to Bob Knorpp of The Beancast for a live read on his 2009 Year End Show. He, and guests George Parker and Bill Green have some terribly nice things to say about us. If a Web site could blush… Knorpp frames our content as “considered commentaries” […]

When You Pay For Content, By Definition, It’s Something of Value

Serial entrepreneur Patricia Handschiegel is looking forward to 2010. She says it’s going to be “a cool year for the internet.” She also sees some interesting challenges on the horizon and what the response to those challenges might be. Launching ideas in the not far away future will require much more investment, effort and strategy. […]

Domino’s Puts Better Ingredients And An Honest Brand Story In The Oven

I can’t recall the last time I ordered a Domino’s pizza. But I do recall the feeling it left me with. Namely, that it was adequate. Of course, adequate isn’t exactly what a food company wants to hear about its signature product. And Domino’s has been hearing a lot of like sentiments from its customers, […]

You May Not Know Them By Name, But You Know Their Work

Modern Copywriter is a new site from Jason Siciliano that celebrates the work of “fabulous copywriters,” which he describes as “gentle souls in a rough biz.” Some of the copywriters he’s featured thus far include Janet Champ, Brooks Jackson, Bryan Karr, Gilberto MuiƱos, Kash Sree, Sam Pond and Nick Driggs. Each entry on the site […]

Mother Turns Nigerian Spam Inside Out For Christmas

[via The Denver Egotist]

Is The Duck Cooked?

Today, Adweek reported that the AFLAC account, long held at Kaplan Thaler Group, would be going into review. Of course, there’s all sorts of reader comments on the site about KTG’s campaign, pro and con. While I can’t say I was a big fan of the duck campaign, it put AFLAC on the map. And […]

Searching For The Right Search Plan

I’ve experimented with ads on Google AdWords a time or two, and it’s a bit tricky to figure out. But it is big business, and it’s critical to many small businesses, as the New York Times reports: For more than one million businesses, Google’s search advertising system is like a hose inundating Web sites with […]

Now THIS Is Honesty In Advertising

At least they’re up front about it.

Some Good New Biz News In The Twin Cities

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune has a nice roundup of new business wins and news for Twin Cities ad agencies, such as Risdall Marketing Group, Olson, Periscope, Mono, and Colle + McVoy. Here’s just a sample: New business at Minneapolis-based Periscope also is all about food. The agency just added the Red Robin restaurant chain, gas-grill giant […]

I Don’t Get It. Is It Just Me?

This ad keeps popping up next to my Yahoo Mail page. Someone wrote and approved this ad. And someone’s paying for it. WTF?