REI Asks Gear Heads To “Find Out”

Dan Neil of LA Times doesn’t like REI’s new campaign from BBDO/Atlanta. REI and BBDO have, in other words, made the daring creative choice to portray the backcountry as it is frequently experienced by most of us: cold, wet, often dreary, disappointing and downright uncomfortable. The company’s commitment to authenticity is commendable. It’s also a […]

WKE Is A Pure Entertainment Play. My Advice: Dirty It Up.

Aaron Mesh of Portland alt weekly, Willamette Week, spent several weeks putting together a cover story on Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment (WKE), the division of the agency that sees itself as a budding north-of-Hollywood studio. It’s a long story, but here’s the heart of the matter: What it lacks is a business model. The project […]

Stream It And They Will Come

Internet radio is on the rise. According to market-research firms Edison Research Inc. and Arbitron Inc., more than 42 million people each week listen to radio streamed over the Internet, more than double the rate from five years ago. Of the 42 million people who listen to Internet radio, 24 million are tuning in to […]

Peacocking, Unservice, Simpletising, Next Besting, et al

In addition to this Top 20 countdown video, Trend Hunter is offering a massive 300+ page report containing information on more than 2,000 Micro-Trends that all marketers need to know. The 2010 Trend Report, plus 12 months of access to Trend Hunter Pro is going for $1499, and when you click this very special hyperlink, […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Dave Selden’s Fleas

Dave Selden is Design Director at Pop Art and he has some advice for how to present a design portfolio, but the advice is applicable beyond design. Selden also recounts his migration story (he’s from Iowa). When I moved to Portland in 2001 without a job, it was in pretty tough economic times. Most agencies […]

There Are No Rules Against This Performance Enhancer

The following commercial has an absurd brand promise, but somehow the childish music and acrobatics on water skis makes it okay. Client: Vittel Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris Director: Lionel Goldstein Production Co.: Henry de Czar, Paris

Nancy Hill Is Looking For A Transformer

The President and CEO of the AAAA is on a mission to get some new voices heard. Here’s part of the pitch that landed in my inbox: Like you, I’m tired of hearing from the same industry thought leaders talking about the same so-called thought-leading things at industry conferences. What I really want is to […]

Annie Leonard Can Teach Some Macroeconomics

Hosted by Annie Leonard, the creator of the viral video hit The Story of Stuff, (viewed worldwide over 8 million times), the Story of Cap & Trade is the first in a series of six short films the Story of Stuff Project is releasing over the coming year with Free Range Studios and more than […]

W+K Sheds Its Skin

Wieden + Kennedy launched a new agency self-promo Web site today. I found the above video therein, along with another one from WKE called “Don’t Move Here” about Portland’s music scene. Another oddity is the banner ad for Anthem Records, and the disclaimer copy, “Unpaid Advertisement” that runs beneath it. I wonder how one goes […]

You Want A Hand Held? Rupe’s Got You Covered

[via Greg Mitchell]