Spotlight on NW Creative: Fall of the House

Fothing is a new Portland-based Web series with three episodes available now on Fothing.TV. The Webisodes are a by-product of Fall of the House, an improv series in its fifth season at Theater! Theatre! on Belmont. Aubrey’s Monologue from Fothing on Vimeo. According to their Twitter page, Fothing is “a show about a show about […]

Lines Are For Crossing

Ad Age and The Wall Street Journal are both running stories about media companies getting in bed with advertisers. From Ad Age: To help sell Toshiba TV sets and laptops, ESPN worked with the Japanese company to create advertising that illustrates specifically how ESPN fans could use those products. The ESPN-centric campaign represents “one of […]

Couple A Thumbs And An Expensive Phone Delivers A Pizza

According to Mobile Marketer, Pizza Hut’s iPhone three-month old iPhone app has already netted more than $1 million in sales. “We are extremely excited here about the explosive growth we’ve seen, $1 million in sales is pretty substantial for an iPhone app,” said Bernard Acoca, senior director of digital marketing at Pizza Hut, Dallas, TX. […]

Awareness Is The Start Of The Sales Cycle

Banner ads don’t work. Of course they do. That’s pretty much where the argument lies. Popular Web sites are chock full of paid banners, and the people who place them are in their offices crunching numbers to determine the return on investment, which is one of the more imperfect sciences. Here’s what Alan Wolk has […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Magneto Brand Advertising

Why do ad agencies have self-promo Web sites? To show off their skills and gain new business. Duh. Sadly, most shops leave off at the portfolio, proprietary process and case study pages when what people really want to know is what kind of people work there. Thankfully, Magneto Brand Advertising in Portland helps visitors to […]

Celebrating Signage: The Ad Agency

Like Pop Art, The Ad Agency in Portland is a shop with a prominent street-facing sign. I know it’s not a lot to go on, but like I said last month “agencies need to connect to the street in more ways than one.” If there’s an agency in your city that announces itself in a […]

You Want ROI? Tap The Fast Growing Disdain For All Things Big.

Worthington National Bank in Fort Worth gained $10 million in new deposits after running billboards urging consumers to “Just Say No to Bailout Banks.” [via The New York Times]

Bootstrapped Media Companies That Focus On Business Are Rising Up Through The Cracks

In a topical convergence Ad Age is running a Nat Ives’ piece on the “harsh reality” faced by business magazines, while David Carr of The New York Times describes the business beat as “defeated.” Some of Carr’s prose on the matter: While the business of business may be back, the business of covering it with […]

A Nice New Laptop Can Do A Lot For A Person

“What if technology could make you feel…more human?” That’s the question being posed by Sony VAIO Latin America. Shot on location in São Paulo, the commercial was directed by Bia Flecha of Brasileira Filmes. Ignited of El Segundo, Calif. is the agency on the account.

Worthy of Further Clickery

As you know, we tend an extensive list of marcom blogs on our sidebar. I imagine we’ll continue to do so, but I’m not convinced a blogroll is the best way to serve up sources, friend’s sites, influences and the like. Maybe it’s a design problem, or just my own perception that long lists of […]