You Have To Believe

American Express OPEN Forum is presenting an article on the art of sales by Dr. Susan L. Reid, a business coach and consultant for entrepreneurial women. Here are Reid’s Five Keys to Making a Sale: 1. Treat your clients with respect, dignity, interest, and care. 2. Forget about rejection. 3. Shine your light. 4. You […]

From Cliff To The Abyss

I, like lots of other folks, was very saddened to hear of the closing of Cliff Freeman & Partners. But what struck me was how few agencies do what Cliff Freeman did–keep a style of advertising for many years, through many clients. No, it didn’t last forever, but can an agency even attempt to create […]

The Carnage From Digital Predators Is Foul Indeed

George Parker is done with Facebook and Twitter, two places where digital scam artists got the best of him. …in the last few days, I have had dozens of emails from very pissed off people asking why I am bombarding them with shitty emails flogging everything from insurance to condoms. Obviously someone has hacked my […]

Stan Richards Pulls A Hal Riney

According to Ad Age, the new Dodge Ram commercial is the first from Richards Group, Dallas, and the voice-over sounds suspiciously like agency founder Stan Richards. The trade mag also points out that the spot will run 190 times this evening alone in prime time across the major TV networks, particularly the World Series on […]

In Texas, It’s Go Big Or Go Home

Nonprofit news site, Texas Tribune, launched yesterday. The development is being covered by media outlets from coast to coast. But some of the best reporting is coming from inside Austin, as it should. Alt weekly, The Austin Chronicle, for instance, points out that there’s a lot of venture capital on the table. Texas Tribune is […]

Cinematographers Drink Guiness

According to Adfreak, AMV BBDO didn’t take many short cuts for this new Guinness ad, called “World,” which breaks today in the U.K. The agency shot in four countries (New Zealand, Canada, Fiji and the U.K.); took three months to build the set for the underwater scene; got army assistance to film the grass-hauling shots […]

The AdPulp Poll: Fighting For Your Right To Charge A Lot

How Do You Prove The Value Of Your Fees?(survey software) Previous AdPulp Polls: Why’d You Do It? | I’m Talking Dapper | Navigating the Holidaze | It’s 10:00 AM, Do You Know Where You Are?

Hunt The Non-Hustler

Marketing speaker, author and consultant, Tara Hunt, was raised in a small town in Alberta. Naturally, she was shaped by that experience (as we all are, wherever and however we grow up). I’m not a hustler. I’ve never been a hustler. Sure, I know the elements of the hustle (there are enough examples around me) […]

Silos Suck

Overall investment in shopper marketing — defined by the Marketing Leadership Council as in-store advertising, promotion and design initiatives intended to extend brand equity and provide the retailer with differentiation — is estimated to be growing at 21% annually. In other words, it’s a rising force. Here’s why: Shoppers choose 59% of the brands they […]

Today In Twitterverse: Jungian Jack Dorsey

Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey took the stage at Robin Museum of Art in New York on Monday as a participant in “The Red Book Dialogues,” an exhibit on Carl Jung’s newly published Red Book. Afterward, he also practiced a little Jungian-style free association with WSJ’s Marisa Taylor.