Internet time moves fast. So fast, a new company born in 2003 like MySpace, is already faced with the task of brand reinvention. According to The Wall Street Journal, the soc net is intent on focusing its offering. Jason Hirschhorn, the company’s chief product officer, says, “”This is not an all-things-for-everybody portal. This is a […]

Capitalism: An Advertising Story

It’s hard to watch these stories about people who are struggling in the economy. And I get the impression that even people who are doing OK are very cautious about spending. That’s a problem for the advertising industry. When people can’t buy what we sell, we’re in trouble: We don’t need Socialism with a capital […]

Magazines Speak For Themselves

It can’t be an easy time for Magazine Publishers of America to put out self-promo pieces, but the trade group has managed to come up with “Twenty Tweetable Truths About Magazines” like this one: The top 25 magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 prime-time TV programs. See MPA’s site for the […]

N.F.L. Rings Limbaugh’s Bell

The Rush Limbaugh brand ain’t gonna play in the National Football League. According to The New York Times, the conservative radio announcer would face stiff opposition if his bid for ownership in the St. Louis Rams were to go forward. Commissioner Roger Goodell cast doubt on Rush Limbaugh’s viability as an N.F.L. owner Tuesday, saying […]

ADC Is On To You

At 89 years old, Art Directors Club–“the first international creative collective of its kind”–has been around the block a few times and seen a shenanigan or two. So stopping scam ads shouldn’t be a problem for the group that awards ADC Cubes for “brilliant creative work” each year. ADC wants to make two points clear: […]

Hear from Mashable’s Main Man

Mashable is the third biggest blog on the Web, depending on who you ask, says Pete Cashmore, the site’s founder and CEO. Cashmore, speaking from Aberdeen, Scotland (a city in the far north of the country) also says the Web is a meritocracy, and that success is available to those who work hard–a point that’s […]

Dear Mr. Stipe, What’d You Do With All The Shiny Happy People?

When it comes to analyzing the current state of the ad business and the economy, George Parker and Bob Hoffman are not glass half full kind of guys. Not at all. Here’s some of what Hoffman’s saying: It’s embarrassing to be in the ad business these days. Ad agencies don’t know what they believe. In […]

Energy Drink Employs Dude Speak, Draws Scorn

According to CNET, PepsiCo has tweeted an apology on its Amp Energy Twitter account, as well as its Pepsi account, to those who may be offended by its new iPhone application, Amp Up Before You Score, which some have complained is insensitive to women. The soft-drink maker stopped short of removing the free application from […]

This Flight Tracker Is Social

Branded utility is starting to soar and it’s a good to see. According to Adweek, Lufthansa and its digital agency Profero have launched MySkyStatus, an application that sends altitude, location, departure and arrival updates automatically to your Facebook and Twitter pages. MySkyStatus works on any flight on any airline, which is a nice touch. Profero […]

One In Ten Chinese Internet Users “Drink” Pepsi

For it’s fourth annual Creative Challenge in China, Pepsi partnered with Tencent, China’s internet giant, to effectively allow Chinese netizens the ability to twitter, blog and IM their birthday wishes to China. Here’s a look at some of the wishes: The People’s Intermediate Court as the brain, national defense as the heart, people’s livelihood as […]