For Big Schools, Football Is A Brand Experience

One of the things that I enjoy about college football Saturdays is seeing the spots that the schools run during games. Take a look at these ads for University of Texas: VO: Walter Cronkite (who attended UT, but left school in 1935 to work in radio) Agency: GSD&M | Idea City

Digital Disruption Du Jour: New Best Sellers In Hardback Only $9

“Ford County is the best writing that John Grisham has ever done.” -Pat Conroy Wal-Mart and Amazon are slashing prices on soon to be released hardcover editions of some of the holiday season’s potential best sellers, offering them online for $8.99 apiece, according to The New York Times. The titles affected include Sarah Palin’s memoir, […]


Five years ago today we started posting articles to this site. I could reflect on all we’ve learned, or all I’ve learned as a writer, editor and ad man, but that kind of thing doesn’t make for much of a celebration. Instead, I hereby raise the AdPulp glass to all who come here regularly to […]

Want to Navigate The Digital Wilds? Find A Trusty Guide Service.

Shar VanBoskirk, an analyst for Forrester, spent some time in Denver this week with a group of marketing exces that work for Kaiser Permanente, Genesco Retail, Radio Shack, Jones Apparel, and Adidas America. Her big takeaway: That one of the greatest challenges for interactive marketers today is getting support and cooperation from their traditional brand […]

Trust Your Instincts – That’s What They’re There For

The Denver Egotist is pointing to John Hunt’s site for his new book, The Art of the Idea. When you visit the site and click “Excerpts” you’ll be treated to 20 short videos like the one above.

A Good Place for Revisionist History

I love the copy in this ad, especially the set up. “First there was sport. Then there was betting. Next came the Internet.” Yep, that about covers it for the last 10,000 years, give or take. [via AdFreak]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Keen on Sustainability

James Curleigh, CEO of Portland-based Keen Footwear outlines the company’s commitment to sustainability at Go Green. I like how Curleigh identifies the reason Lewis & Clark paddled canoes from St. Louis to the Pacific coast in 1804, and then how he builds on that for his own purposes. “The goal of the Lewis & Clark […]

The AdPulp Poll: Why’d You Do It?

You Got Into Advertising To:(poll) Previous AdPulp Polls: I’m Talking Dapper | Navigating the Holidaze | It’s 10:00 AM, Do You Know Where You Are?

Spotlight On NW Creative: ProtoShare

Disclaimer: The following company provides me swanky office space in return for creative services. Portland’s Site9 was recently recognized for its ProtoShare product. O’Reilly Media’s Inside RIA, named ProtoShare a “Top 50 Most Usable RIA” (Rich Internet Application). According to the company’s Blog: We are quite proud of our selection, especially considering that ProtoShare was […]

Oliver Stone “Doesn’t Understand”

Big wigs in entertainment, advertising and Internet technology gathered at Orbita US 2009, a digital media summit hosted by Terra in New York City this week. Those in attendance got the chance to hear Oliver Stone speak. “I’ve heard the democratic argument [for the internet] and I’m not an elitist, but … a mashup is […]