Product Possibly Overshadowed By “F” Word

Agency: Woods Witt Dealy & Sons

Fake Detergent Helps Sell Real Soobies

Agency: Carmichael Lynch [via BrandFreak]

Agencies In Strange Places: 18th In A Series

Akron is an industrial town in Northeast Ohio famous for making tires and for being home to LeBron James and The Black Keys. Akron is also home to Keathley Advertising and its new blog Rooftop Banter. According to the press release: After years of having thought-provoking conversations on their rooftop patio, Keathley Advertising’s crew decided […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: NEMO Lands Major League Account

Major League Soccer is coming to Portland in 2011 and thanks to NEMO’s youth and sports marketing chops, the team’s advertising account stays in Portland too. The Portland Timbers selected NEMO to deliver creative services during the 2010 USL season, and the inaugural MLS 2011 season. NEMO’s category experience is deep, with work for Nike […]

One Stalwart And Four Take Downs for Condé Nast

The rise and fall, mostly fall, of print titles in the Information Age is something the press is forever writing about. Which is fine. It is a big story. Maybe that’s what makes this small story in The New York Times about the 300th anniversary edition of Tatler so enchanting. Like an obstinate British blueblood […]

Gmail Works Harder. For You.

Is Google about to make email the killer app again? Sarah Perez of Read Write Web thinks so. Real time updates, something that Gmail users are starting to notice, is why. Just imagine the possibilities! In the enhanced Netflix emails, for example, you not only view your recent recommendations – you can actually add them […]

Nuts. In More Ways Than One.

And then there’s the one with the idiot Miss Teen South Carolina. I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the conference room where this idea was presented. It was probably more bizarre than I could imagine.

Media Arts Is Content By Another Name

Alex Bogusky keeps bringin’ it on his new blog-like thing and I keep saying, “Yep, right, uh huh.” …every day what we do becomes more like the movie and television business. For some of you the lines may have blurred between what you do and the publishing business. And if you are on the cutting […]

Transmedia Storytelling, An ARG, Offline Experiences, A Contest With A Big Prize – Levi’s Weaves A Narrative Web

Levi’s and its agency, Wieden + Kennedy, are set to unleash a new Alternate Reality Game (ARG) on the denim wearing world. At the center of the game is a character named Grayson Ozias IV. According to brand legend, Ozias was a friend of Levi Strauss’ nephew Nathan. A friend who disappeared into the American […]

100 Editorial Dumps Does Not A Killer Website Make

According to Brian Morrissey at Adweek, brands and their agencies can’t produce enough content for the voracious machine, a fact which is leading them to look outside themselves for answers. AT&T turned to an outside firm called Associated Content — a startup with a network of 300,000 freelance content creators — to produce over 100 […]