Credle Could Be Burnett’s Missing Ingredient

Susan Credle, 45, has been named the new Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett. She assumes the post on October 5th, after 22 years at BBDO/New York. Credle graduated from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill before taking a receptionist position at BBDO. Lewis Lazare of Chicago Sun Times portrays her career path in […]

Wieden Refugee Stays In Portland, Finds New Home

Copywriter, Nick Carter, used to work at Wieden + Kennedy. Then the day came for him to “unpack his Adidas” and move across town to ID Branding. Carter explains some of his motivations: Since I read this book, read for the first time writing that spins beauty from air as if magic was easy, makes […]

Free Idea for Tracy Marks

Here at AdPulp, we sometimes like to take up what we perceive to be a worthy, or otherwise interesting, corporate and/or civic cause. For instance, The Oregonian is reporting that Portland’s downtown Hilton will be closing for four weeks this winter due to a frightening lack of bookings. This is a property that the newspaper […]

Pearl Izumi Keeps Your Ass Happy

The Denver Egotist is featuring new work for Louisville, CO-based Pearl Izumi created by Minneapolis agency Pocket Hercules. But I prefer this older work, also from Pocket Hercules:

Excuse Me, But Someone Just Took A Dump In Your Stream

I’m sad to say that all sorts of nefarious activity is showing up in my Twitter stream these days. Asshats are sending me @reply messages with a link that seems innocent enough until clicked. The porn bots are much easier to spot, since the avatars feature young ladies in revealing garb. Sadly, it’s going to […]

Brands And Stands

A lot of brands have been targeted over their sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s show on TV and radio. So should brands be more vocal about their views, or the views of their management? Would you recommend that type of stance to a client? Most companies aren’t very public with their views. And this is where […]

Cheese Is A Burger’s Best Friend

Cheese & Burger Society is a site from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board that you don’t want to visit on an empty stomach. If you do, you may find yourself longing for an unhealthy but highly satisfying meal. The site uses a rolodex format to walk you through a bevy of delicious looking burgers all adorned […]

Maybe Agencies Do Have Reason To Fear The Crowd

The other day I mentioned that I’d look into Ed Cotton’s claim that Unilever brand, Peperami, dropped their agency of record in favor of a more democratic process. Indeed, they did. The pork sausage snack brand is now teamed with Idea Bounty of South Africa to crowdsource the concept for an upcoming campaign. Unilever has […]

One Way Or The Other, Ford’s “Fiesta Movement” Is Textbook Bound

Ford, a legendary brand that is part of the fabric of American culture, is out in front on the race to embrace social media. Last April, we brought Ford’s Fiesta Movement to your attention. Now USA TODAY is on the story. In April, Ford tapped 100 top bloggers and gave them a Fiesta for six […]

London Agency Takes It To The Street

Pop-up retail has been an interesting trend for the past few years. Now, thanks to London’s RKCR/Y&R, the concept is being stretched considerably (to include service providers). Ad Age and Shots are both featuring stories about the agency’s one-week pop-up agency experiment in its local Camden neighborhood. Here’s a passage from the Shots piece: Camden […]